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    Oh! I think you might have me confused with someone else? I'm not pregnant! early days for that yet
    unless I've posted on something I shouldn't have? that sounds like something I might do - super clumsy lol
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    Thank you for your message on my post! would love to chat more, not sure how this all works! lol
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    No. Spangdahlem.
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    Oh okay, what is "seres"? Well I wish him the best of luck with it!
    Well he did want me to come this weekend and we'd go to a courthouse Monday because where he's at you can get the marriage certificate and get married the same day But I wanted to wait and do it next month so we'd have a smidgen of more time for me to get the things I would need for him to have to submit for all the spousal stuff. I had everything all planned out and then he just texted me this morning saying that now he doesn't think he's ready and all of this stuff. So I don't even know anymore right now. ;/ He's been back and forth on it and this time I really believed him! Shame on me. So I guess on the process I'm back at square one lol. That would be so cute having your baby walk down the aisle as a ring bearer/flower girl! aww lol...How far into wedding planing are you? Yeah I'll def add you for sure!
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    Haha I agree! Doesn't seem to be many things on here for AF ladies either. :/ So it's kinda nice when you come by someone on here who is.. Aw well congrats chica! Did you guys have a wedding or go to a court house? Not trying to be nosy, just wondering because we're trying to get married by a judge lol. I'm glad you've gotten to spend so much time with him like that! I haven't seen mine since the end of July. But we talk everyday and skype when we can. Idk where we'd be without skype! lbvs. I feel the same way! He is my other half and my best friend. I couldn't dream of a better man. Yeah my friends think I'm insane for wanting to get married right now but they just don't get it. They're still stuck in the stupid high school type of relationship phase lol. Has your hubby left for basic already? And since you guys are married were you able to get housing and stuff like that yet? And congrats on the baby! That's sooo exciting!!! ) And that's what I say lol it's no one else' business but those in the relationship so you can voice your opinion but at the end of the day we're going to do what is God honoring and makes us happy! Not what makes everyone else and their mother happy!
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    Thanks for the post on my thread! It's so nice to know there are people going through the same thing I am lol. I was reading your "about me" and holy cow yours kind of hit home with me because my BF and I have only been together for 6 months but want to get married by the end of this year. Some people don't get it, others do. But we love each other so much! I couldn't imagine myself with anyone else but him...and you're a catfish fan that's my favorite show! Lol. Have a good one!
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    I have 5 episodes to watch today so I think I can get it done lol
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    I'm watching episode 12 right now. I don't know if I'm going to get them done by Thursday.
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    It was a lot of things. The big reasons were that she didn't like working in corporate offices and wanted a way to make a huge change in her life. She also has a few student loans that we've been killing for a while but she wanted to finish out her degree and get more schooling. So basically the adventure part mixed with the benefits. She looked into the Army and the Air Force but ultimately felt the Army wasn't right for her.
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    Hi, sorry for taking so long to reply. I've been out of town for a few days. My wife wasn't in the military yet when we first me. We first met in the 2nd grade (she claims it was earlier than that).

    We didn't officially get together until I got out of the Army.
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Date of Birth
July 4, 1992 (30)
About USAFwife7492
Real Name:
Air Force
Not yet, but hopefully some day
Current Location/ Duty Station:
amherst new york
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
I met him through a mutual friend at bowling. He was the neighbor of our friend eric. Eric and i were going bowling and James tagged along. He walked into the bowling alley and my immediate reaction was omg what a nerd. I know it sounds terrible. Then i started to talk to him and before i knew it I was in love with him.
About Me:
My name is Ashley I am 21 years old. I am newly married to a wonderful guy who is going into the USAF.I have my associates degree in education and Im working on my bachelors in human services. I want to work with active military and veterans.I am currently pregnant with our first child due June 17th :)
About Us:
We got together on February 7th 2013 and got married august 16th 2013. It was fast but we both love one another and we saw it as the only way for us to be together. Its funny because we are married and it doesnt feel different at all. We have lived together for our whole relationship and have only been away from one another a night or two. We want to have kids (wanted to before basic but not sure if that will happen lol). Everyone has told us we are crazy because I am 21 and he is 25 and we have been together less than a year. It doesnt matter to us because we know what we feel. Its amazing that we married our bestfriend. He always says that he is glad that not only am i his wife but his best friend.
Interests & Hobbies:
reading, karaoke, dancing, running, watching movies, photography
Dream Sheet:
united states: california, hawaii, alaska
out of the use-Germany, Italy,UK,Japan
I listen to everything mainly country and rock.
Vampire diaries, catfish, switched at birth, twisted, teen wolf, history channel
the guardian, windtalkers, bend it like bechkam, zero dark thirty,
twilight series, fifty shades of grey,the immortal instrument series
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