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    Hi my name is Miriam. Is he berly going to basic training?
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    LOL I'm still trying to figure this out! I think I PM'd you! If you didn't get one or it's in the wrong place let me know haha.... I'm so not computer savvy!
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    Good for you! School should keep you busy! I'm working a lot of hours this week, so trying hard to stay busy. Didn't really sleep much last night and had a rough start to the morning, but right now I'm OK. I'm sure everyone has a lot of ups and downs but we can do this! Can't wait til graduation day!!
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    You're welcome!
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    Yeah once he's gone and it starts to play out it'll all start coming together!
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    (Message 3) He got to AIT in the middle of May and graduated at the end of July. We went down to his base for his graduation which was in the morning. They had a more traditional graduation type ceremony and then a few hours later after he was released we got to drive him back home. He got picked to do hometown recruiting so he worked there for two weeks and then he left for his duty station. Everyone has different experiences though of what they can and can't do. Some can be driven and some can't. Some can come home for hometown recruiting and some get sent straight to their duty station. It all just depends. Which is sucky because if you are anything like me I like things to be planned a head of time and I like to know what is going on!!

    Before my DB went into the military a few months ago I knew NOTHING about military stuff or what was going on but you learn as you. Sorry this is so long but I just wanted to help as much as I could because I know how crazy things were for me when I was clueless! lol If you have anymore questions feel free to ask and I will try to help.
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    (Message 2)
    Ten weeks later ,in the middle of May, I got to see my DB at family day which takes place the day before graduation. You go and they have a little ceremony, tell you the rules for the day, and then he is all yours until about 9pm. My DB was not allowed to go off of base though and was not allowed to be out of uniform. The next day was graduation. There was another ceremony and then we picked him up at his housing area and he got to POV (privately owned vehicle) instead of GOV. Meaning that his parents got to drive him from his basic training base to his AIT base instead of him having to go through government transportation. We left Thursday from his basic base and he had to check in by Friday at a certain time to his AIT base. AIT lasted 10 weeks for my DB because he was a hold over but the time is different for everyone depending on what your SO is going in the Army for. AIT was much better though because he got to call me almost every night even if it was for only a minute or two and we skyped a few times.
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    (message 1) My experience with my DB went a little like this, but you have to remember that every experience is going to be different. My DB left for basic at the beginning of a march and went through reception which his lasted a week but some people's are shorter and some are longer. Some time after reception they should be able to make one phone call just to say "Hi I made it to basic" and that's pretty much it. My DB's mom got the call though. During this my DB said they literally sat there and watched him and made sure he said just what he was supposed to say and then hung up.
    After reception he went to basic and went through red, white, and blue phases. Each phase they should receive more and more privileges. Meaning more personal time, more time to write letters, and possibly a phone call. If you go to the website of your SO's training place it should give you more info about each phase. Here is an example to go to that will hopefully help < Basic Combat Training>Basic Combat Training>Basic Training at Fort Jackson > I didn't get my first letter until about two weeks after he left. After that I would some times get a couple in one week and one or none the next. It just depends how much time they have. Also, my DB's group messed up a lot so he lost a lot of personal time and didn't get hardly any phone calls. I get a two minute call around week six and then a fifteen minute call a little bit before graduation.
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    (part 2-message was too long)Time will fly by quicker than you can imagine, I assure you...then he'll have his Family Day, then Graduation to follow. If he's going to another base for AIT, they will leave the day after graduation for base (I think this is typical of the Army-no break in between basic/leaving for AIT).
    Once my boyfriend got to AIT in Texas he was put in reception there, again for 3 weeks, waiting for room of the other companies to clear out. The experience at AIT for everyone is a lot more different than it is at Basic. Some platoon sargeants will let the soldiers use their cell phones as soon as they get there, other platoon sargeants will make them earn the privelege. Any other info for the AIT schools though really depends on where he's at, and whoever is in charge. But if you google the info for his MOS and school then you can usually find spot on info of what their day to day life is in AIT.

    WHEW. Now that that is over, (if you dont mind sharing) where is your DB doing his basic at, and his AIT? If you don't wanna share I understand! Feel free to ask any and all questions. I felt like a chicken with its head cut off when my boyfriend first started this and I would love to offer any advice I can. Also I hope this was the kind of info you were looking for!
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    (part 1-message was too long lol)I will tell you about my experience though. My boyfriend went to Ft. Leonard Wood (MO) for basic. He was there for 1 week of reception, so getting info together, getting stuff straight, recieving his uniforms and other basic stuff. I don't know how much info you have already but i'll explain none the less. In the Army, BCT is seperated into 3 phases-Red Phase, White Phase, Blue Phase, consecutively. Each earning more priveleges as each phase turns. And whatever these priveleges are really depends on where he's at and the company he is with. My DB was able to make a phone call on the final Sunday of each Phase (and one phone call between reception and actual BCT training to tell me his company name). Contact with my DB was pretty steady throughout his training with letters and maybe 3 or 4 phone calls. This was my experience, and I know the communication aspect can very greatly between different companies. A couple weeks in, you'll get his address, typically by a letter(if he hasn't left yet, make sure he brings an address book with yours in it, and your phone number if he doesn't know it by heart). Some weeks I got 3-4 letters, others I got 0 or 1. But I think there was only one or 2 weeks out of the 10 that I got literally no letters. Again though, that will vary by wherever your boyfriend is, so i went in with the mindset of "Don't expect letters too often" and that worked for me.
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