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    At least you know where you are moving to so thats a plus. Hopefully housing isnt as bad as everyone says there, fingers crossed!
    Ahhhhhhh! 2 dayssss! im so excited im going crazy!
    Im not sure what to do after the lease is up yet. he's going to be deployed by then and he won't be home again for a year so staying here is looking like what im going to do, plus i need to get a job sooooo bad! its just so hard to get one right now. I guess the good thing is once our lease is up we can pay month to month till we find something else
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    sounds like you're even busier than i am wow that's alot to handle. Do you have somewhere that you are moving to? My roommates and i have an apartment and our lease is up in November, we have no idea what were going to do yet because some of us are waiting to see if we get jobs and can afford something better.
    Wow, Hawaii? That is a far plane ride and definitely more expensive. On the bright side at least it'll be fun to visit there and it's gotta be beautiful.
    Yeah, it's driving me crazy because he is getting deployed soon but i'm trying to stay positive. 11 Days till the wedding
  3. My entire world is crazy. I am working 60 hours a week between work and my internship. I have to b out of my house by Monday cuz my lease is up. So I don't do anything that's y I haven't been on here much. He just got new orders to Hawaii. He is really excited about it. I'm still a little uneasy. Just more distance and a really long plane ride when I go. And a whole lot more money. But it will be okay. That is crazy that is happening to your wedding I'm so sorry to hear that. What is the countdown till the wedding?
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    So they wedding is going to work out but they only gave him 4 days to come home, i have to take him to the airport the morning after we get married but i guess at least he gets to come home, trying to look at the bright side
    I'm glad it went well its always so good to see them lol i swear even just a weekend with them is worth the wait to see them it just sucks.
    everything is nuts around here because the wedding is getting close and i have to make sure that everything is done and ready, its crazy hectic.
    how is everything with you? anything new?
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    heyy, sorry i havent answered in a while my life has been completely hectic with planning this wedding and looking for jobs now. Wedding planning is complicated and theyre messing with the days they said he can come home so now im mad and freaking out. I havent had much time for anything else. i did graduate and it was crazy i didnt realize how many people were in my graduation class till the day and it was so hot in the graduation gowns.
    how was your trip to see him? i hope everything went well with the airport.
  6. omg thats crazy how much of the little things we have in common... dave and david and both being 23 hours, and similar hours. I have not driven out there yet but he always drives when he comes home. This summer i may be driving out there tho because his dog has been here with his brothers and he wants the dog with him so i will be driving the dog with my best friend. July 27th sounds like a great day its gonna be here before you know it. I have three finals on monday and am starting to go crazy, hence my bad responding time lately. and to make it even worse, i found out today that next week when im there, he is suppose to talk me to the airport on sunday but now he has to work cuz they are doing some re-evaluation of god knows that. so that doesnt help not knowing how i am getting to the airport. You do have a lot of projects coming up! thats gotta be really hard.
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    I always thought that having them all on the same day was stressful but at least they get done quicker, how many do you have on monday?
    lol yeah stressed is definitely a good work to use, i have a senior presentation monday then hand in all my paperwork the monday after that and graduate may 10th. But i also have to be applying foor jobs and planning my wedding. Its all overwhelming sometimes but my aunt is helping me plan so at least i have help. and we picked a dateee july 27 im excited!
    I just noticed that you said its a 23 hour drive to see him, thats crazy because its a 23 hour drive for me to see dave too! i only did it once it was crazy but it was fun too my roommate, her boyfriend and i made a road trip out of it and did some fun stuff on the way back
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    i agree about flying, it definitely does give you more time. How long does it take you to drive to where he is?
    Thats awesome! ready for finals?
    I have my internship for this week and two days into next week then i graduate on may 10, i'm so excited
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    Ireland sounds like its going to be amazing! take lots of pictures
    Thats great that she has you guys to go with her
    Really? youre that close? wow lol i wish i was that close, we're going to be in the car for almost 8 hours to get there. I loved it! lol i think i went on the top thrill dragster, is that the one that goes like straight up and straight down?
    I hope i get to see him, i think i am going to i just have to wait and see if he is going to be out of training. i fly now, i drove once but my roommate and her boyfriend went with me and we made a road trip out of it, it was a 23 hour drive lol
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    thats crazy funny lol
    thats awesome!!!! i love it when it gets under the 20 day mark
    thats so kool that youre going to ireland! i want to travel some so bad just cant afford it yet. my aunt and uncle took my brother mom and i to cancun like 2 years ago and that was amazing i want to go back so bad. i went to delaware this past weekend to visit my aunt for mine and my roommate's birthday weekend because we have the same birthday lol we call one another our birthday twin. and im also going to cedar point in Ohio this summer, i went there last year with my friend and her dad and we decided to go again this year it was so fun. the roller coasters were amazing and they have a new one opening this summer! im excited do you like roller coasters? some people don't
    im also going to try to go visit dave at the end of this month or sometime soon
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