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    Hey, I'm lindsay. Jessica and I actually know each other and we're going through the same thing at the same time but today is me and colins one year and it's really hard to not have him here with me :/ and is it bad if I said in the letterr like dont let the DI's in your head their just yelling
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    Write lots of letters!! You won't actually be allowed to send them until till a few weeks after he's been in basic but trust me the more letters u send the better it will make him feel! Do NOT write anything on the envelope besides what the address says. Like don't draw hearts on it or call him by a nickname on the outside envelope lol the DI's will make his life hell for it. Send him a wallet size pic of you and his family to look at. Something small. Tell him all about what's going on in ur life and with his family if you talk to them. It will help him take his mind of boot camp for a few minutes. Make to sure to number and date ur letters. This is very important! He won't know what day it is while hes there and some times mail gets mixed up so it will help him read them in order. Understand he won't be able to write too many long letters, he won't be getting much sleep and they can only write back to letters on the little amount of down time they do get so he might make the letters short an sweet so he can sleep. Don't take it personal and remember he loves you and that this will be a huge change for both of you.
    Sorry it's so long lol if I think of more tomorrow I'll let u know
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    So today was really hard! It got easier for like 4 hours then it was hard again. Seeing him ship off was such a long day. Prepare yourself it seems like torture.
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    hey im brittany, 20 years old and my fiance and big brother are marines!
    they are both deployed together right now in afghan but I remember a lot from when my bro was in boot camp! if you need any advise or to just talk, im here
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    Hey Karen! I'm Jessica, My SO leaves tomo for Boot camp! I'd love to chat with ya since we will be going through the same thing at almost the same time lol
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Me and my fiancee, Mitch, were bestfriends in high school. I graduated early so we kinda had a falling out. The next time we saw eachother was at prom. He asked me to dance, and it was all down hill from there.
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Before the Marines became an option in my life i had it all planned out. However, im completely lost now. Im hoping this site will help me know what to expect of the life of a marine significant other.
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