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    Oh trust me, I called back lots lol. I prob called 5 times until I went straight to Vmail. Stupid phone!

    Oh nothing? That's too bad! Arizona is beautiful. It's so different from the yellow dead grass of Ca and the lush greenery in the east/midwest. You should look for things to do! Give yourself a change of pace there hehe unless you just want to relax.
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    Aww I'm sorry! Where I live there are a ton of places to eat, just not a good Mexican place. I work as an RN and I work night shift (7p-7a)...kinda sucks having the opposite schedule of DH but 3 nights/week is considered full-time so at the same time it's nice What do you do?
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    Oh fun! Hope you had a nice visit! My husband just came back from Afghanistan on Monday so I have been spending some quality time with him We concluded my weekend last night by going to this reeeeeally yummy Mexican restaurant (you'd think living in Texas there would be a lot of those places, but nope!) and then we hung out in downtown Austin I have to go back to work tonight and I'm not really looking forward to it!
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    Thanks so much! Calls are super exciting until it drops. :< I didn't even get to say, "I miss you so much. I love you, have a great time, bye!" I was so disappointed. Next time I'm going to say all that at the beginning lol.

    Where is your DB going? I hope you spend lots of time with him before he leaves.

    OOOooOo Vegas is always fun! I hope you have fun there and back in Az with your girls. Why is it unfortunate? Lol, AZ should be fun right? It's something different from CA. Hehe but I wouldn't know. I see weather reports and that region is always red/orange. Not for me!
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    Hahaha I'm the same way. I always freak out about little things at the strangest moments. Last time he was here, and was getting ready to head back to Georgia, and I realized I couldn't find my phone. So I'm running around digging through my car & purse, and he's like really? I'm about to go and you're worried about your phone. Lol. That's just how girls are My DB always forgets his, but my family's all in the dental field so we have them laying around the house. Where do you guys live? I'm from boring old virginia.
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    oOH! The weather is awesome there! I'm from Sac, Norcal Our weather isn't as great hehe. I'm also not right by the beaches! I could use that distraction.

    The last time I was in AZ, I went to the Grand Canyon and did the 5 mile hike. :/ It was so amazing (my first time there)! I love visiting but I can't imagine staying long hehe.

    First phone call this morning since the arrival to BCT call. So excited!
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    That's this week!! Thursday was SUPER hot so I figured it'd be at least mild on Friday since it was going to rain, IT TURNED OUT TO BE SUPER COLD!! 60 degrees is not normal lol. Today is chilly but the sun is out. BEAUTIFUL weather!

    Are you from Cali too?
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    Lol it is a desert there! Hope you have a great time. Cali weather is awesome. Today's almost perfect at 70 degrees!
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    Cheerleading, huh? =)
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    Awwh I wouldn't worry too much what other girls think. Girls can be b****es primarily because their jealous. That's really cute My DB is 2 years older than me, and back when he was in HS his friends would call him a pedafile and other names because of the age gap. I don't think it really matters & I've had the same trouble with girls too.. When jake was a senior, this one girl decided to spread a rumor saying that he snuck out of his house & slept with her (she lives down the street.) It didn't actually happen, but I still wish I could punch her in the face. And then there are those girls that say things about you just because they're jealous they can't have him. Just know, obviously he wants you over all of them so don't even let them get to you. That's very true! Haha my DB gets mad at me sometimes because I'm like a teeth hitler. We stayed in a hotel last time he was here for the night & when he woke up I made him brush his teeth before he could kiss me, haha. Girls will always judge you, they don't need to know you. If you're pretty, of course their going to talk I'd take it as a compliment !
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