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    Im the newbie whose DB went to OSUT at Benning! What should I expect when DB gets home (changes in behavior and things like that, just in general. Ohh and will he be like noticeably stronger/rougher or anything)? Also how often did you get letters? Will I receive phone calls ever? Hoe far away in time is family day from graduation? Sorry I just have so many questions, thanks for offering to answer them!
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    I am still alive, lol! Working, got fired, got another job and just waiting to actually start since the restaurant is still under construction and behind schedule...~

    But seeing my BH was awesome, but incredibly short~! Didn't get much alone time like I would have liked, since his grandmother was there and I couldn't really be all huggy/lovey-dovey with them, since it's frowned upon about "public displays of affection," but I can say that his grandmother was nice enough to give us an hour of "alone" time. So I was...happy, lmao!

    He's in VA right now, until October but we get to talk and text every day, so it's so much easier, though I do dip into my depressed phases when I get stressed, but he tries to cheer me up with Skype, text messages and all.

    But...HOW ARE YOU DOING!? And your BH?!
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    YES! We are leaving tonight and then it'll only be one more day...~! He's so excited!

    And she is... >___>;;
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    Yeeeeeeeees! A week and two days, before I leave out! It cannot come fast enough! It's enough his ass sneak me a call today for a few minutes just to say good night! Lord only knows I needed the pick me up, and he always, somehow-someway find a way! Yesterday I felt like crap, and I ended up getting two letters in the mail~! <3
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    You and me both, hun! I be too busy nowadays, but always check to see if you and another lady still message me...! =)

    And girl...! I know what you mean! I leave the 26th of this month, so it's around the corner! YAY! But...the withdrawal will probably have to wait until July, his grandmother is still going! BOO! =(
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    You'll be happy to know...! I'VE HAD MY FUNNEL CAKE LAST NIGHT!

    And it was...ORGASMIC! Lol.
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    Hehe. Nope, its an amusement park here -- but! This weekend! It's the Taste of Cincinnati! That's a big fair for all the restaurants in Cincinnati! I'm getting my funnel cake, lol!

    Luuucky! They would have kicked me out of my jobs if that were ever to happen! Lol. But that's great that they didn't! So hard to find jobs lately!

    He said he was feeling better! I need to send him some stuff though. He wanted coughdrops and baby wipes! So I really need to pick that stuff up and ship them out. And when he was in highschool, he was in track. Almost made it to Nationals, but don't remember what happened.

    And yeees! I keep praying that she backs out at the last minute, but I offered to pay for the hotel, so all she had to do was pay for the Greyhound and have extra money for herself. But I'm supposed to be spending time with the friend he made at bootcamp girlfriend, to make signs for graduation, lol! So I don't know how things'll work.

    And it is true that if they mess up, they have to do it over again. =( That sucks though.
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    no major plans here. we go down the shore for a week in august every year but thats about it. im so boring how about you?
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    hey! im doing good. time seems to be moving fairly quickly, thank god. how are you?
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    Hehe! Love it there. They made me feel so welcome when I had my orientation, like I've been there for years! :-) And he said that he may have gotten it from someone in their barracks! He kept coughing and sneezing and would touch people...and yea'. =( I couldn't take care of his "never-get-sick" behind, but he seemed to be doing fine. That was last week.

    And yeees! They've been doing good, and he's been doing well in running, placing top of his battalion so he was able to talk much longer. <3 I'm proud of him --- as for his grandmother coming, after everyone bailed on me, I was set on going along. *Ahem.* Me and him time, lol.

    As far as a fair...I haven't heard of any around here?! I have to wait until I go to Kings Island, lol. Which is soon hopefully!

    Waa'! My BH messed up his knee or ankle in the last obstacle course he did. He refused to get it checked out though, since it could make him stay longer if he misses something important. But...WHY THREE TIMES!? That's nuts! He only had to go once. And congratulations to you both! =)
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