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    heyy! sorry i disappeared! this website was giving me anxiety but im much calmer about it now how r u girl! I am sorry he left Wes took leave right after basic/ait so i was happy I hope Isaac doesn't get deployed! I will pray for u! I pray every day that Wes does not get deployed . His duty station is Ft. Benning Georgia which is a pain in the butt to get to but he can txt so our relationship is alot better!
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    Haha..well im gonna have to decorate my board again. And yes m'am you were right..and I knew it in my heart too. Lol he makes me so happy. Even though he wont be home till later, I still wake up giddy. Lol my dorky self is now planning for our first holiday season together. Girl I forgot to tell you September 1st his sister is coming back in town and I may be meeting his parents..aggh..little nervous about that. But Im sure it'll be fine.
    And dont worry just have fun with it. You got the most important thing him..everything else will fall in place.  im here for you too.
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    Hey lady! Lol they changed it again.  So good news, and bad news..bad news first so we can finish out with the good news, then the fantastic (your bad news..his deployment has been extended but the silver lining is this means he'll definitely be home for the holidays.
    The good news? Lol I heard from was like that time with you and your db..and they delayed his emails. So we are ok he wasnt mad or anything and it was aggravating him he couldn't talk to me either. Cause he told me thats his favorite part of the day.
    Now onto your engagement..super excited for you. Lol you get to go through all those fun exciting things to plan, and whether its soon or later..girl im excited for will be so beautiful i know. 
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    well most importantly.. CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement! that's so amazing Im very happy to you .. and best of luck with planning and everything for the wedding! i bet you are ecstatic!

    and sorry its been so long since i got back to you, i just havent been on here in a couple weeks.. but my school is just outside of the city of wilkes barre, pa in a small and beautiful town called Dallas... i abs love it there. haha but again with the SO John is a cav scout too! he is actually deploying within the next two months so its been bittersweet between us because were trying to enjoy as much time together as we can, but we know soon enough he has to go... but will you guys get married soon and live on base together? or what are your plans? you can definitely tell me all about the wedding ideas and whatnot i absolutely love weddings! i hope everything works out for you!
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    Yes it is good to have a surprise involving a tux. Im worried though cause I havent heard from him since Tuesday. Trying not to panic. It makes it so hard when everyone around you is putting a negative spin on it. Im holding on though cause I trust him.
    Enough about me, how are you in your blissfully engaged life now? 
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    Yes it is good to have a surprise involving a tux. Im worried though cause I havent heard from him since Tuesday. Trying not to panic. It makes it so hard when everyone around you is putting a negative spin on it. Im holding on though cause I trust him.
    Enough about me, how are you in your blissfully engaged life now? 
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    That sounds absolutely beautiful. You sound like me. Im not into big flashy rings either. All I want is white gold, Ive decided I want him to choose the style but if he wants help Ive sent a pic my sister and best friend of a simple princess cut style soltaire. Speaking of Billy, lol he's got something up his sleeve, he's bought a tux and wont tell me why. Lol. 
    Well I hate to cut this short but my aunt is here at my moms and probably gonna be in my apt this afternoon so I gotta do a speedy cleaning. Have a wonderful Monday. 
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    That is precious. Yay! Im so so thrilled! Aww..I bet you are all happily blissfully now and cant stop smiling now right? Lol..Whats your ring look like?
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    Aww yay Im so happy for you!  I want all the details. Thats so sweet. 
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    Lol yep he definitely is a good one. So glad he's mine.  Love his heart he was going to get a massage tonight.
    Aww yay! Take pics again if you can and post them. Im super excited for you.  Cant wait to go to my boys duty station and visit after he gets home before he goes out again. His sister wants me to come for a visit, and while im there we'll either go get him or visit him..but I dont see him just visiting us I see him wanting to come back. 
    Well hopefully you have a good roommate for the summer session. 
    Girl I gotta get busy...I have so much to do before he gets back and only a short time left to do it 
    Have a great Tuesday. 
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About Emilymarie
Not yet, but hopefully some day
Current Location/ Duty Station:
Me-Hickory, NC. Him-Fort Benning, GA (basic training)
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
My love and I met over 3 years ago at a friends birthday party. At this time we were both still in high school. I a Junior and he a sophomore. The funny thing was he danced with every girl there, but me. But he shared his interest in me to my friends by the end of the night, and eventually ended up getting my number from one of my friends. As I was getting ready to leave(he hadn't talked to me yet at this point), I was walking out of the room, he was sitting at a table, raised his hand and said "high five" to me and I gave him a high five. It was the cutest thing ever. Later that night, I receive a text from him. We talked for a little while and soon he asked if I would go on a walk with him and his dog (we happened to live in the same neighborhood, funny uh?). Well I go out to meet him, and his dog, Sam who was one of the ugliest yet cutest dogs ever (RIP), we talked and walked around the neighborhood for awhile. After that night with him everything in my life changed, I feel in love with the most amazing man I have ever known. And I can't wait for the day to marry him <3

10-27-08 (:
About Me:
I am currently attending college and studying to become a nurse. I have 2 years left until I graduate, I am so excited to become a nurse.
I also love to sing and sing in the choir at my school.
About Us:
Isaac and I have been dating for almost 3 and 1/2 years now. Things haven't always been perfect with us, but we have managed to always work things out and we are a much stronger couple for what we have been through. I thank God for him every day and pray for his safety all the time. He is the love of my life and I cherish anytime I get to spend with him.
Dream Sheet:
Where ever my love is, is where I will be.
College Student


"Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble & never stop praying." Romans 12:12
I love my Soldier!
ilovetyler is my Wifey


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