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    oh okay im glad to hear it hasnt been too hard for you!
    i know what you mean about being used to having him gone. DB and i are also LDR and have been our whole relationship. but im glad when hes deployed he will have my brother with him
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    mine will be gone september or october :/
    how are you dealing with is so far?
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    okay thank you!
    how long is he gonna be gone
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    hey i see your marine is deployed :/ my brother and DB are marines and are deploying in a few weeks. If you want to chat im here
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    Thanks for agreeing to be my friend on MSOS.
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    My DB is currently in NC. Its good to hear from other people that it isnt so bad.
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    Aww yea I feel the same. Were in a LDR right now which is hard because I miss him.
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    Mine deploys in a few months. Weve been together since August 23. What about you two?
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    Yea it is nice to get to know other people. Im Hannah. My boyfriend has been in the marines almost a year now
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About Coconut

Basic Information

Date of Birth
April 30
About Coconut
Real Name:
Marine Corps
Not yet, but hopefully some day
Current Location/ Duty Station:
New River, NC
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
I'm sure I'd met him before, but we officially met in September of 2011. We both lived in a pretty small town, so I'm sure we may have seen each other previously, but we started really getting to know each other in early August and met in September when he came home on leave for five days in 2011. Yesterday, we tied the knot. :)
About Me:
I'm Jordin. There isn't a lot to me. I'm writing articles for a career, and I aspire to become a great fiction novelist some day. I also draw and play music in my spare time.

I'm also the proud, new wife of a Marine, who I love and can't live without. He's the most amazing, trustworthy, and perfect man I've ever met, and I'm lucky to have the pleasure of calling him mine.
About Us:
Richie was the first person in a long time to make me smile. Like...REALLY smile. I would never show my real smile in pictures (and by "real smile" I mean, smiling with teeth). When he comes home and even when he's not home, I find myself smiling with my teeth more, and he's noticed, and he told me. It was weird to think about, but he notices things like that.

He's also one of the most supportive people in my life. Being a writer can be tough, and being an author can be even tougher if you don't have support. If you've noticed (and if you read), a lot of the first novels of authors are dedicated to that special someone, a husband or wife, for the support they gave in the novel-creating process. He's given it all and more. He's more supportive than my family on this, and that's something I can really appreciate. Writing can lead one to a lonely life, so I'm glad he's supportive and is cheering me on. That's the one thing I would have asked for in a man. But I never had to ask. And he's willing to share a life with me as I write my books. He's the best support system I have, and I'm beyond happy that I have him.
Interests & Hobbies:
Writing, obviously. I've been drawing a Japanese style of art for almost 12 years, now, and I've gotten pretty good over the years. Drawing is able to consume me and take me to a place where I cannot hear a damned thing; where I cannot acknowledge another's presence unless they tap me and bring me out of my trance. My artwork does things to me, and I'm grateful that I'm able to get lost in a piece of my own work. I also play guitar and piano. I almost pursued a music career, and I had the opportunity to twice, and I turned both offers down, because I wanted to be an author more than I wanted to sell albums.
Dream Sheet:
I'm hoping that the military will take me places I've never been before. I've gotten used to the military life thing. I've slowly adjusted every time he goes away from being with him again, but now we're living together and married. He used to be a messed up kid; into doing drugs and getting into trouble, but the Marines changed him for the better, and I'm glad they made him into a better man. He only continues to grow positively, and I'm proud of him. I hope the military can do things with him that will make him as proud of himself as his family and I are.
Ahh, here we go. I don't to scare anyone, but when I was in high school, I scared all of the "normal" kids, because I dressed in dark clothes and listened to death metal. Well...I still do, but it's not as bad as it used to be.
My favourite TV show is The Walking Dead. It's a zombie apocalypse series on AMC, and it's my all-time favourite show. I'm very much in love with the characters and the drama and the killing of zombies.
One of my favourite movies is a not-so-well-known movie called Stardust. It's about an Englishman who travels to a so-called "magical world" and its borders are just past this wall that doesn't look like it shields the real world from the magical one
My favourite book series is called "The Hunger Games." I've never read anything better, but I'm in the middle of reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," "The Help" (gift from Richie), and "The Running Man."
Article Writer for Textbroker


No one has ever stopped what they were doing to look at me like he has.


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