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    Ugh! I hope they can do something else for you then! Maybe Physical Therapy? It's hard because you don't want to re-injure it and let it heal!
    I'm glad you finally heard from him It sounds like he thinks you hate him and maybe he's embarrassed about what did happen! Hopefully he's come to his senses
    Haha I don't know who NC has family from there are huge Boston fans. Even my little 7 year old cousin is a huge Red Sox fan and just got tickets to come up to Fenway for a game...I'm super jealous!
    Haha I don't blame you school is such a pain. I'm just trying to finish up at this point but I just want to scream and pull my hair out. DB hated college so he joined the Marines, now he's kicking himself and tells me how he should have staying in school. The kid can never make up his mind :/
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    How is everything going? is your knee healing well? I hope all is well!
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    Can you go back to the doctor to get another one if/when it wears off? It doesn't sound too enjoyable...I hope it gets better! I always wish you could snap your fingers and things like that would be normal again!
    Is he still deployed or is he back in the states? Having him in your life as a friend is better than not having him at all Maybe he's just busy!
    That's too funny. Boston girl born and raised. I love all the teams, but Red Sox are my fav and I've been to the most games...somewhere in the 30's range! DB HATES baseball with a passion but he's sucking it up for me. He's more of a basketball and football guy.
    His MOS is Legal and Administration. I guess it's kind of basic law and if he does well he has a potential to go to law school. He really wants to be a police officer or firefighter, but when he was 17 he was offered a full ride to Suffolk University Law School in Boston which is a really good law school but he was stupid and turned it down. It may just be that he's going to be a lawyer whether he likes it or not!
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    That's good about you and exDB- if it's meant to be it will happen but friends for now seems like a good plan! Definitely keep me updated I hope the shots help. Knee injuries seem to be the WORST! I hurt my knee years ago and sometimes I get the urge to crack it and it makes this awful grinding sound that grosses everyone out but it feels so much better after I do it lol. I went to this thing they have in Boston called the Health and Fitness Expo and they have a bunch doctors and specialists in one place to help diagnose anything for free and I ended up having this weird thing where I got fluid in my knees and had to ice it and junk but sometimes even walking down the stairs I get a shooting pain.

    DB goes to school April 3 but it says the classes don't start until May 9 so he might be home for a while before! He's going to the Naval Justice School with the Navy for his MOS. I just got a call from him actually and told him this and he's excited since he might be home for my birthday. I'm a huge Red Sox fan and they are playing the Yankees at Fenway on my birthday this year. It's usually either in New York on my birthday or the series before or after my birthday so I'm pretty excited he might be home
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    It was nice! I felt bad because we flew there at like 8pm and his parents were leaving to come back to MA at 9 pm so we barely saw them!
    Is ex-db still with his fiance or did they break it off! I wouldn't know what to say either!
    I hope your appointment goes well (:
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    I did not go to his graduation but I took time off after he got home and his parents flew us down to Florida for 6 days! He's back in Jacksonville now but will be coming to RI for school so he's literally 45 minutes away!

    How have you been? I hope the knee is getting better
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    You that sounds wonderful, I could never join the military myself with all my health conditions nor do I really want to. I support all my DB does but it's not something I could deal with. His twin sister is just as amazing Marine as he is. (or better as she feels) You will have to let me know, get some girls from here to send you things I hope your knee feels better soon.

    Hope your day is going well! <3
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    Yes relaxing is exactly what I need. I have needed a break for a while lol. Over Christmas break I was recovering from having my appendix out, wasn't much of a break. Right now, I'm about to go into therapy .... best choice I made when my DB deployed ... helped me so much come to terms with it. Hope you are doing okay.
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    I changed my major to chemistry... I have always loved it. I can't wait for June, I miss him so much especially today, not sure why but I do. I have two chronic conditions that sometimes put me out. I had my appendix out over Christmas... it actually was causing a lot of problems.
    I'm on spring break... I'm really excited for some time to relax.
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    I've been doing well. My DB comes home in June... I'm so excited. Things have been hard because I was sick. Now things are better, I changed my major. and I am so much happier... Problems with ex-DB? that sucks
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