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    awww that'll suck I wrote him a nice long letter via FB PM outlining how I felt. Now I kinda regret sending it, because that's not gonna be a nice way for him to start his day. It wasn't mean or anything, but he's really hard on himself. And I hate the timezone. I'm like "WHy isnt he texting me yetttt" then I remember itss only like 9am his time and he's probably asleep... but he's pushing 12 hours. Lol
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    That's so cute! I'm a planner too. I waste pages of notebooks trying to perfect plans like itineraries for vacations and such lol

    I'm so irritated right now, girl. Seb has been in the field since last friday. I was really looking forward to a skype date with him tonight. But no. We didn't. Wanna know why? Because his roomie and his roomie's gf were cuddling and watching a movie and he doesn't wanna interrupt so he's just gonna go to sleep. WTF? They get to see each other every fucking day. They cuddle every fucking night. And becuase of them I don't get to spend time with you via a fucking web cam that isn't even a REAL date????!!?!?!?! I just... I'm being overreacting and emotional, but I just feel like he wasn't as excited about skyping as I was. I missed him so much. I'm not used to zero communication like that and I handled it SO well. Especially becuase I was looking forward to webcam for at least a half hour. But no. We had a less than ten minute phonecall instead. IDK why I'm so upset with him. I know he's tired and all too... But damn it.. I"m a mess.
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    Yeah... haters are gonna hate. Lol. I understand their point, but I hate when people (esp here) aren't part of your realtionship and therefore don't understand it and feel the need to act like they do. Lol. It's like, even my parents agree and think we will get married. It's like we say its not official because I don't have a ring. But there are plenty of other ladies on here and in the world who don't have a ring, but consider their engagement official. Idk. to me you aren't engaged until he gets down on one knee and presents you with a ring and asks for your hand in marriage. But that doesn't mean that just because he hasn't done that yet theres no hope youll get married. We've been looking at rings andd he's working out his finances to afford it. Gah.. i just hate when other people wanna be in charge haha.,.. and four months isn't too bad. I mean, obviously, IMO you shouldnt jump into a marriage after only that long, but i so get it. The day I met DB I told my best friend ''I'm gonna marry this kid one day"... Low and behold, he's been ring shopping and we're talking about getting married....
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    Oh girl I know how you feel. Even though I've been working, I still feel bored all the time, because I usually don't work everyday Lol. DB has been in the field for the past 7 ldays, and being in school has helped me deal with it so much better than last time. I can't wait to get my CNA and then for Fall semester to start.. It won't be quite as exhausting becuase I won't be in schoo 7-8 hours a day LOL. As for your parents, just work hard and don't prove them right. And umm you can vent anythime!

    Ugh I've been so stressed about the next couple years. I was planning to just take a couple classes, then start LPN classes (Licensed Practical Nurse). ANd then eventually get my Associates and then my RN at some point. Well, I've decided to just get my associates an keep working with my CNA. Then after DB and I get married apply to RN school. Everyone has been telling my to just do my RN the first time, so that's what I'm gonna do. Only I don't wanna do it right after I get my degree because that will cause me and DB to be separated another year at least, and I'd rather we get married, and then I finish up if that's necessary. BUT, if I get my degree done in enough time, I can do an accelerated 13 month RN program. OR I can jsut stop school at my LPN if I need to and then pick back up and bridge after we get married. But I think I should def go for the degree first
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    heeellloo )) I've been pretty good. Busy as hell lately. My CNA class is 7-8 Hours 4 days a week. And there is a ton of reading and homework. And last week I worked tue-sunday 8 hours everyday except sunday which I worked about 15 hours. Tomorrow is my first day off since last monday and I'm so pumped! Lol How have you been?!
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    I always see your posts about your DB and think it's really sweet what you both have found in each other. How did you both meet? One of my good friends met her DB online through OkCupid and they haven't been able to meet yet since he is currently deployed, they Skype and chat whenever they can, it's always so cute the way they act towards each other. She can't wait to meet him in person, and he seems like a great guy, but it reminded me of what you are going through. Anyways hope you are having a good day!
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    Chocolate for sure!! Nothing beats just plain chocolate ice cream! I'm so simple! Whats yours?? Hmmm...maybe we should start a favorite icecream thread...
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    Woooorking wanna come kidnap me and we can go eat some icecream? I'm craving it like whoa!
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    HEY lady!!
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    I miss your face.
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