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    Hi, How are u?
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    Oh I've got stories to tell u!
    :p but me n him talked then argued then stopped talking now were better it was a rollercoaster!
    How are u n db?? How's ur puppy? And life
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    hey chick,
    how are you?
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    thought about ya today.. hope all is going ok and you have a good weekend!
    i'm working on my PM's! slowly but surly
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    He's already left for base which sucks cuz we onlt took on picture.. which was in a group haha we weren't really thinking bout that and being that its complicated I'm really not sure what to call it I'm stckin with good friends til he decides more, but he said don't wait for me if someone comes around in the yr I'm gone... (that killed me to hear him say) cuz before he came back from basic I wasn't lokin at anyone n he wasn't subtle in anyway bout his feelings haha. And since he's already left, I'm just tryin to get excited about the care packages I get to send and the leters ill get back... I told him to get me a necklace or something haha like he's in florida :p but I was dreding it but I'm not crying anymore which is nice I'm still a little down but that doesn't last long cuz I know he's back with his friends and doing what he enjoys, and he told me last night he enjoys hearing from me... mixed messages yes but I'm gonna get in all the talkin I can until he heads out
    But I understand where ur coming from... I'm sry bout ur pup that's never easy... I'm here if u need to talk I'm workin on my PM privalages n trying hard to make sure its not 1/2 assed WELCOME! Messages haha
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    how long has your db been gone? you been holding up ok otherwise?
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    besides we'll get to see them in what 6-8 months something to look forward to its like waiting for christmas or to turn 21 again haha :p
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    I've been trying to understand this whole site and its privlages and what not! i get the whole rules about talkin about dates and names (check) but everything else... i'm alil slow
    your very lucky, i'm getting to know one of his sisters, and his mom works with my dad so i'm not "alone" but its still very difficult and its a difficult story with me and him haha we arent "together" persay we're complicated cuz we got together on his leave and we're being optomistic about it but he doesnt want me to wait around if something happens during that year? (i think he's nuts b/c we've been nuts for each other for yrs) and he just got the courage to say something
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    btw you and your guys story is super cute haha
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    my solider is gonna be leaving in little less then a month
    so i understand! i'm definitly looking for support system and to make some friends who know what i'm going through cuz unfortunatly my friends are not helpful at all i appriciate it girl
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About 64CavWoman
Not yet, but hopefully some day
Current Location/ Duty Station:
I live in GA, he's stationed at Ft. Knox but he's deployed in Afghanistan
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
I'd love to say that we had some sort of romantic 'sweep me off my feet' first meeting...but honestly, we rode the bus together back in high school. I was a freshman and he was a junior. I was a morning person and to say the least, he wasn' all. I would be the first person on the bus and would sit in the back, he'd sit in front of me, so I'd bug him just to get his attention. That never worked, and after he graduated, I didn't see him again until he came home for leave. I never knew him as anything other than 'Monroe' cause he was country as hell and from Monroe, GA. I knew his sister all throughout high school, but never knew the two of them were related. After high school, she contacted me and asked if I was single. I told her I was and he eventually got in touch with me. He came to town on leave and I couldn't get off work. I picked him up at 8 AM (once again, another morning for the not-so-morning person). He rode with me to go look at cabinets for a job I was working on. From the first time I saw him, I was in love. From the first time I cussed at another driver out of road rage, he kinda fell for me too...
About Me:
I'm southern by the grace of God. Wont ever leave the south, my beliefs, my soldier or my country.
About Us:
We grow stronger, smarter and more in love every day. He's my redneck romeo.
Interests & Hobbies:
Construction, stained glass, shooting, working on my truck, spending time with my family/pets/friends, playing around the Chattahoochee and whenever he's home, enjoying the love from my Scout <3
Dream Sheet:
He doesn't want to re-enlist because he wants to come home and start a family. Deployment has been hard for both of us, but the Army has been the best thing to ever happen to him. He has his life headed down the right path now and he's really good at what he does. I'm not going to make the decision for him, but I told him I would still be home waiting for him either way.
Country, new country, southern rock and everynownthen, a little bit of bluegrass
Desperate Housewives, Army Wives like every other woman on this site, Scrubs, Two and a Half Men (even though Charlie Sheen is an insane freak), Everybody Loves Raymond, Tosh.0, Cougar Town, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Americas Funniest Hom
Anything funny, I'm too much of a sap to watch anything romantic or 'deep' these days
Anything Glenn Beck, Bernie Goldberg and really anything political. What can I say, just a tea baggin, right wing nut job. :-D
Self Employed General Contractor



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