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  1. Thanks, Joanna! I will definitely keep in touch with you.
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    Wow! That is quite the story but that's so awesome! A lot of people meet online now. It's become a good way to meet friends. If he has a daughter, I'm sure he knows what he is looking for in a woman. I understand completely what you mean about the "it" because I felt it too the first time I met DB. And luckily he felt it too! I think, as women, we're always looking for a red flag when it comes to first meeting a guy because we have it set in our heads that they're all the same. And most of the time, they are! I can understand that he wouldn't want you to tell his family quite yet. Meeting face to face is important before you drop the marriage bomb, I would think. My DB is from Maine and not long after we met, he invited me home to meet his family and his parents thought THAT was weird. (Especially since I'm a little southern gal and most of his family speaks Canadian French. HAHA!) I'm happy for you, though. Let me know if I can do anything to help with the whole sending packages and stuff. I'm definitely around if you need to talk and you can always send me a private message or if you want to email, let me know!
  3. Yes, he really needs that link it seems. We met on line several months ago. We don't skype but we have swapped pictures and stuff. I still can't believe I fell for him online. He pursued me and decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I know he must have done his homework though, because he is a single dad with a daughter. I think he shopped around. The thing is, I wasn't even looking for a relationship on the site he found me on. I told him so. But you know something...I felt it (you know the "it" that you feel when you know he is "the one"). I already email with his mom and he is already planning for our wedding. Scared the crap out of me at first, but he has done a few things that really prove to me he is very serious.
    Wow! I can't believe I just told you all that! Well, every day I was waiting for alarm bells (my intuition telling me he is a nutbar), but they never came. So, here I am in a LDR with the love of my life whom I've never met face to face. I have read on here that quite a few sucessful relationships in the military started this way, so I don't feel like a weirdo anymore, lol. He tells me he loves me at least ten times in a chat session, and the emails he sends...well, the man certainly can express his feelings!

    Sorry I went on so long. I just haven't had anyone to share this with. He doesn't want me to tell my family until he gest home, but his family knows all about me. Thanks for listening!!
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    How did the two of you meet? There is never a set date with the military! Nothing is for sure until they're on a plane, and that's the WORST PART a lot of the time! I can't imagine not getting phone calls. Can you two skype? I had to download skype on my phone so that DB could send me messages when I'm not around the computer. I really can't imagine how you feel being in Canada. I'm glad you found the site. The ladies around here are so much help! Chatting with you everyday is what keeps him connected with you. Remember, most of the reason he will make it home is because of his love for you!
  5. Hi Joanna, DF thinks he will be coming home in late June or early July. There is no set date. They deployed for 9 months this time. The hardest part I think is the no mail thing, and because I am not yet his next of kin, I don't get phone calls. Thank God for Yahoo Messenger! He is an officer so he has a little more access to internet and he IMs me every day. He gets really antsy if we don't chat every day, and he seems to need to know everything I am doing. Good thing I have a BlackBerry or he would be a mess!!
    I just can't wait until he gets the immigration thing rolling. I feel so isolated up here. I don't have that community thing with the other wives, so when I found this site I figured I would reach out. Thanks for reaching back. I am always here too if you want to talk.
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    Hi, Christine! I'm Joanna. My DB is a marine and he's special operations, so I understand completely what you mean when you say they don't talk about it. I can't imagine how hard it is being in Canada and not even being able to ship him things! How long has he been deployed? I assume he's there for a year because that's how the army is. (My exboyfriend was army, stationed in Germany.) I don't know how much I can help, but I'll definitely do what I can. My DB isn't one to talk about much at all, so I can definitely relate. Let me know if you need anything!
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I live in Canada and met my current SO online. He is retired from USAF with 22 yrs service and currently works out of Fargo, ND. We are now in LDR and see each other on most weekends as Fargo is only around 4 hours away. He and I both have employment commitments that will last a few years so we will do the LDR thing until then.
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I am the only Canadian in my immediate family, all of whom are American (except for my mother who is a permanent resident with a green card). I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and am employed as a campus security supervisor at a large college here. I was raised in the U.S. but returned to Canada in my late teens. I served in the Canadian military for 8 years and am a college graduate. I have worked in social services and in the aerospace industry.
About Us:
Right from the beginning of our relationship we were able to finish each others sentences/thoughts. We fit together very well, and we love to do the same things. He has a Harley and we travel all over exploring new places. Best of all, he love me for me and doesn't want to change me, or "clip my wings" so to speak. And he definitely knows how to treat a lady :)
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I love outdoor activities:camping, hiking, traveling. I also enjoy reading, music, I do beading and leather work, sketching, amateur photography. My husband both love wine, and collect it on winery visits.
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All over the US and then some.
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