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Date of Birth
December 24, 1987 (34)
About LeslieNichole
Not yet, but hopefully some day
Current Location/ Duty Station:
Me- Galveston Texas / Alex- Sasebo Japan
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
Well I have a friend , Harrison, who I have known since grade school. Harrison is currently in the Navy and has been in Japan for quite some time and well , years now. I everyonce i awhile will get on facebook and check things to make sure all is well with him. It just so happened he had a picture in his profile of him and some of his friends that he knows from military. I noticed Alexander immediately , so I clicked on his name where I could tell he had been taged in it. Once I added him it wasnt till maybe a few weeks later that we began writing each other on facebook. Usually everytime I would go to log on he would be logging off. So due to the time and day change we ended up missing eachother in order to chat. Eventually I gave him my number and had told him to call some time. It wasnt long after and I had got his call , I was so excited. We would sit and talk for hours and hours , to where I would catch myself up at 5am still. It became a regular thing after our first call to where now I get a call , email message , and even skype with him every day at any free moment he has. I even tend to stay up till 7am just so I wont miss a call or message from him. If it wasn't for our friend Harrison , I would of never meet Alex. Even tho we have been together for about 3 months and havent yet meet , we are deeply in love and can not wait till May when he finally gets to come home after 3 years of him being in Japan. I couldn't inagine one more day with out him or even a second.
About Me:
I am the oldest out of 3 kids. My blood brother Nathan whos only about 20 is in the USMC. At this moment he is deplyed and I have no clue where he is at. Last I knew it was in Japan and then Tiahland. After that I have no clue where he is at.
Then I have a half sister whos about to turn 4 in May. Both my little brother and sister I love dearly and hold VERY close to my heart.
As a child my father was also in the Navy , so I had to move around quite a bit and got to see new places and meet new people. Guess its safe to say I kind of know what im getting myself into with Alex :)
Im a very open minded person and have a careing , loving , spontanious personality.
Those 3 are the most important people in my life. Nathan , Ava Rae , and Alex I would do anything for even if it meant giving them my last breath.
About Us:
Since we have yet to see eachother in actual person I can only say so much.
We try to talk as much as we can. I had changed my sleep schedule and everything else just so I could talk to him when he was free and has the time. Most the time its from 2am-5 or 6am that we will talk.
He comes home in May and is not from the same state as me. I live in Texas and he is from North Carolina , so the second day of may I will be flying there to see him for some time till he leaves for California. Once he gets settled in California after a few months then I will be heading there as well to live with him and start our life.
Untill then we try and do what we can to let each other know that our love for one another will never end.
Dream Sheet:
As long as we are with eachother and im in his arms , I honestly don't really care. Even if im not physically in his arms it doesnt matter cause at night when i fall asleep and dream , i dream im laying there with him safe and sound.
We both love the old classic rock , stuff like The Cranberries , Goo Goo Dolls , Metallica , No Doubt and stuuf like that. For the most part we have the same interest
While hes gone im working at a resturant , once we get settled in Cali ill then at the end of the year try and go to school.


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