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  1. Yup. He's been in for 8 yrs and I've been in for almost 3.
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    Hey I got ur post in my thread
    Ur in the navy and ur man is a marine!? That's awesome!
  3. Hi, it's not easy to not think about him. Thankfully, I work so during the day he's not on my mind a whole lot. But at night, it can get pretty bad. I'm in the navy and 5000 miles away from any family and old friends and his duty station. So it's really lonely. Unfortunately, I watch way too much tv and am constantly on the computer. It doesn't really help. Stay away from lifetime and hallmark movies! lol I watched one last night and was crying. We're on his second deployment. We got married on his RnR during his first deployment. It hasn't been easy, but we've been doing pretty good. And luckily when he gets back from this deployment, he's getting stationed near me. I suggest if you have any family or friends around, definitely spend alot of time with them. Do you have a hobby? Sometimes I like to read. And for this deployment, I've kept a journal. I don't write in it alot, but on days I'm feeling really down it helps to write it out. And I won't lie, there will be lots of times you feel like you're going crazy. But just know that it's normal. It's normal to break down and cry once in awhile. But just try to not let it consume you. And if it is, maybe go talk to someone about it. I had to this past summer. Anywho, good luck with everything! And message me anytime if you want. Time goes by faster than you think.
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    Hi Sara, I'm brand new to this, and I saw one of your replies to a person's question in the forum. You said that except for 3 months of dating, you and your boyfriend have been LDR for your entire relationship. My story is pretty much the same, since just a few months after we started dating I went to Spain for a year, and now he left for basic last week. How do you get him out of your mind so that you can move on with your life? I try doing things to distract me, but he's always there and I'm afraid it's going to drive me crazy. Thanks in advance!
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