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    hi im going to my boyfriends graduation in about a month, but i dont know how the weather will be like and what to wear, and i was wondering if you could help me with that(:
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    Yeah I have email address is that might make it easier to find me. Is your husband in 3rd Brigade?
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    Just thought I'd say hi! I was looking through the forums and saw that your hubby is in Hawaii and you are in Georgia. My husband just left today for Hawaii and I'm staying in Texas since he deploys in the spring.
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    i didn't kno you can do that lol
    but yea i do!
  5. Thats very lucky that he stayed local.. I was really hoping that my DH got stationed in Georgia or South Carolina since he is from Chicago, but we werent as fortunate, he got the furthest possible place instead. And awww you have little ones. We really want a baby but we also havent spent any time together so thats why we might delay for conceiving...
  6. He went to basic at Fort Jackson he graduated in April (but then had to go directly to AIT at Fort Lee and then went to additional training at Fort Leonard Wood). How old are your children?
  7. I've been trying since August too! We have 3 kids and our to boys have asthma so they will be enrolled in EFMP! I have to drive to fort phearson and thats about 45 mins from my house....Did your husband go to basic at fort benning? when did he graduate?
  8. No no kids yet. We were thinking to start a family soon but then soon as we finally agreed like the next day he got news of deployment, and neither of us wanted to spend an entire pregnancy separated. I want him there to make late night icecream trips and he wants to be there to see me get huge I guess lol...I have been trying to get sponsorship since August, unfortunately I do not live near an army base only an air force base and when we tried to call around to find out about the process every one acted like they had never even heard of the process and no one wanted to help. In fact, once I finally got the air force this rotten know it all of a woman tried to enroll me in freakin EFMP!! If I hadnt gotten a 2nd opinion from fort benning I wouldnt even have a hope of making it to Germany before his deployment. And wow 2011! I would be beyond pissed off.
  9. When you finally do get to hawaii atleast you know its going to be beautiful there, Germany is gray and cold lol but never the less I am still so ready to get there. To be honest though, I feel like some of the procedures the army does is just completely unnecessary. Like that da 5888 form, we had to wait like 2 weeks for that to get signed and all it had on it was the same stuff that we submitted to deers to get my spouse i.d. It's like really? And I also feel like command sponsorship should be automatically started after proof of marriage. What good man in his right mind would want to be 1,000's of miles from his wife for an extended period of time when he doesnt have to. Zero. Or maybe I'm just bitter because I have been waiting months now to get with my husband lol
  10. I am around the Macon Area. And yes! I was thinking the same thing, to just use my BAH and stay here...because by the time I get there I will see him a few months and then spend almost a year and a half in Germany alone. Maybe that is ultimately their plan, that after all this bs I will give up and they can save some money from not having to fly me over there lol But what really drives me up the wall is that there is no set timeline or way that everything is supposed to work. Soon as I think I am just 2-3 weeks away something else magically pops up that will take 4-6 weeks or longer.
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