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    yeah it's definitely wicked nice to know you're not alone. and awww haha omg did you? yano whats funny i actually started doing the same thing already.. i can't stand to not talk to him so i write like i'm talking to him haha.. whatever works i guess, right? lol. but yeah that's what friends are for! internet friends or not, haha.. we all help eachother get through tough situations <3 thank goodnessss. but hey do you have a facebook? i'm a facebook addictttttt so i was just wondering haha
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    so true <3 i would literally do anything for him. yeah, i can't wait until i realize all the pain will go away. i mean i already realized that everything will be okay.. but goodnesssssssssss i feel like i'm going to be sad forever! agh. but hahaha oh my god the salt water bottling company hahaha just laughed so hard. thanks for that hahah seriously. thank you so much for everything <3 you have no idea how much i appreciate it. i've aleady started writing too haha, just on a little notepad that he had in his room, and if he wants he can feel free to read it all when he gets back lol. just feels good to write as if i'm talking to him. can't wait for family day and graduation.. ahhh! i just want it to be here already. but seriously thank you for everything <33
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    thats seriously so exciting! i'm so happy for you . but yeah I hope you're right... right now it feels like this hurting will never stop. he last called me from the airport and as soon as we hung up I literally bawled my eyes out.
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    I'm glad things are okay too, thank you <3. Ahhhhhh yay!!! i'm so excited for you! haha don't feel bad, i will make it just like you have! awwww. But yeah i'm going to do that he left yesterday afternoon and i didn't even cry in front of him.. i couldn't do it. i ended up staying at his house last night.. it's so silly how close me and his family are.. but it was soooooo weird sleeping in his bed without him waaah
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    good thing you wrote something else lol, because my response to your last post never posted! anyways, yay! i'm glad <3 too bad suprises like that kind of suck after not seeing them for a while.. but at least he had thought of doing that for you <3! i was saying before that if he was going out with his friend, then maybe you could go with them.. buttttttt nevermind ! so happy for ya girl! but i'm feeling much better.. my boyfriend went through that "we should break up because i dont want to hold you back from your own life" stage.. and i lostttttt it. but i reassured him that he's what i want and he is my lfe, soooo him ending things with me was holding me back from my life. but everthings fine now <3 he was just scared, and still is i'm sure.. just more confident about things now.. thank goodness.
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    Aw well thank you it's good to know someones there.. but oh no, what made ya break down i'm sorry, i hope you're doing okay now! I'm not having the best night either.... ha. Makes two of us!
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    I knowwww he is! that's why i figured you'd be wicked exicteddd ! but that's gooood, i loveee decorating for christmas! but i'm actually not looking forward to it at all this year! its gonna be a major drag since my boyfriends not gonna be around.. bummmmmer.
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    Hahah yeah I probably wouldn't either if I were youuu lol. Sooo, christmas is coming up.. how excited are you?!
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    I can imagine!! but yeah, I've crashed but not nearly as bad as that! that ones definitely got me beat!
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    My ex lives a couple of streets over from Manito park, does that make sense to you? I don't know much about the city at all, but I do remember that. While I tend to think he's a jerk (as a boyfriend) he is a great guy and a great friend, one of my best friends, even now. I was just having a moment when I posted the other day haha, I have a lot of those! How are you doing?
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Date of Birth
November 21, 1991 (30)
About Hope0213
Not yet, but hopefully some day
Current Location/ Duty Station:
Me: Spokane/ Him: Fort Benning
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
We actually met because we were both just hired and waiting for training to start for a new store and my boyfriend at the time was his best friend. We used to just be friends but there's always been a connection and since 2.13.10 he's been meh Boii :)
About Me:
I'm 19 on November 21st. I love singing, dancing, driving, listening to music, and just having a good time :). I live life to the fullest and let nothing hold me back. I'm an upbeat, energetic, random person! I love it lol. I try not to dwell on the bad things or hold grudges, when you think lifes got you down it could be worse so keep your chin up kiddo your day'll come ;).
About Us:
We have been hapilly together since 2.13.10. We have gone through a lot together and it has done nothing but brought us closer. We love eachother unconditionally and I can't wait for the day I can call him my husband :)
Interests & Hobbies:
Hanging with meh boii :), singing, dancing, driving, listening to music, watching movies, hanging out.
Dream Sheet:
I hope that Brian being in the millitary will change us both for the better and be able to create a future for us and if we want to start a family.
Lil wayne, a day to remember, etc. all music
anything funny lol
funny scary drama everything
too many lol
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