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    :YAY that is so excited! Congrats, you did it!! Did you go down early to surprise him on his pass today and tomorrow? I"m so excited for you guys, isn't that the BEST feeling in the whole world! Graduation day is going to be the BEST DAY EVER!
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    heyyy!! yep, today is the day! I don't want to freak you out, but some guys in DF's company didn't get to call (even though they passed) til the next day. So do your best to stay calm. The RIs are douchebags, so you never know what kind of crazy games they could play with them. Let me know when you hear from him and CONGRATS!!! I'm sure he is just waiting in line for a payphone! It's almost over!
  3. Hey ok!! Thanks so much!! I will send the valentine card asap! I just didn't want him to get in trouble!! Also, I already sent him a letter a few days ago! I'm sooo excited!! I didn't buy the tickets yet bc he told me to wait till he called me on sunday. Tickets r going up so high I just want to book them already!!
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    Oh yeah, and for presents... I got Df a really nice watch to wear with his dress blues and had it engraved with "rangers lead the way 2010" and my initials (he was only DB at the time, so my maiden name initials!) One of his buddies got a really nice gun from his dad and brother... um anything you think he would like. My parents got him a flask with the Ranger Tab etched into it and his last name along the bottom. Definitely not necessary to get him anything, but I was just so excited to see him again and so proud of everything he had accomplished. Oh, I also burned him a few CDs of songs that were always playing on the radio while he was gone that he didn't know existed because he was in "the place", as he and his buddies call it!

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have ANY more questions, seriously, I'd love to help you out! Only a week and a half left til pass day! Have you bought your plane tickets yet?
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    Oh my gosh... 9:30?!? that is crazy! Sorry, I should have told you not to go by my time schedule... every ranger class is different. So glad you got to hear from him though!And don't worry, you are not a pain at all! I love helping, because I know how amazing it was when I was going through it to have someone there to guide me! definitely okay to send mail, you'll want to send it soon! No later than next monday or tuesday I would say---mail takes for-ev-er to get to them in FL and it's a shorter phase anyways.Of course you can send him a valentines card! I sent my DF a bday card (his birthday was actually the same day as his 8 hour pass for darby- BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!) inside a care package, but you could also send it regular mail.

    As for clothes... I wore a strapless dress and wedge heels but that was in august. Most wives and gfs dress up, but not over the top, you'll be outside on bleachers so you'll want to be comfortable. GA will still be cold-ish so check the weather and dress appropriately You might be able to get away with a cute sundress and a cartigan cause in March it could be in the 60s! The only thing I will tell you about heels is that you'll be walking on dirt and mulch so they will dig into the ground. I wore wedges and that was perfect, but flipflops would be perfectly fine, too. And dress pants would definitely be a good option for the springtime, actually considering the time of year I really think you will be most comfortable wearing long pants.
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    when did you end up hearing from him? Yes, Florida is only two weeks and two days until they call to tell you if they are graduating or not. You should be able to find the florida address on the ranger school website, but let me know if you can't find it. Mountains tends to beat up on the guys, that is normal... he is really suffering at this point from lack of food and proper nutrition as well as lack of sleep. Keep positive in your letters, he needs to hear that you support him no matter what and love him and are so proud of everything he has done. Now comes the fun part... deciding what to wear to graduation and picking out a grad present for him!!!!!
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    It won't let me send a PM for some reason, but here is what I tried to send: Sorry its long

    After the guys have their 4 hour pass tonight and eat more junk food and gatorade than humanly possibly they get bussed down to Eglin AFB in Florida. The busride will be a nice break for them and they all get lots of sleep!

    You'll find out if he passed Swamps on Sunday the 27th. that day was the WORST because I didn't get a call until past 10PM

    He will call you on that Sunday to tell you he passed and then they'll all be bussed back to Fort Benning on Tuesday. They get a pass on Wednesday (usually 8 hours) and lots of wives and girlfriends come and pick up their soldiers. I went down and surprised DF that day. he didn't think I was coming until Thursday. You might want to get a rental car (I used DF's truck cause he was stationed down there anyways) because cabs are impossible to find and the guys CAN NOT DRIVE until they graduate. They'll get dropped from the course because they are still so sleep/food deprived.

    He'll get another shorter pass on Thursday. Graduation will be on Friday morning (looks like March 4th) and you'll want to arrive early to get a good seat. It'll be probably the greatest day of your life. all the tears and hard work are totally worth it when you (or his parents) pin his ranger tab on.

    Stay strong and busy today. you'll get through this! Remember to stay positive on the phone no matter what the outcome is! Good luck and let me know how it goes!!!
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    aahh make one more post on the forum so I can send you a PM... I think you need 15 posts!
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    I think he got released an hour or two before that, but they had a million things to do and there was such a long wait for the phones. And every class and RI is different, so he might call before or after that.... It's definitely not a set time. Lots of info about Florida though, I'll send you a PM
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    Mountains Pass day was a stressful day... If I remember correctly, I didn't hear from him until almost 5 (Eastern Time) and it was literally like a 4 minute convo, whereas after Darby we talked a few times during his 8 hours. For Mountains they only have 4 hours and they have several hundred guys waiting to use 8 phones. Be patient, think positive, and keep busy today with your ringer on as loud as it can possibly go! Let me know if you need anything and when you talk to him, remember to get in as many "i love yous" as possible!!
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