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    i'm glad the timing is working better (although that's relative i guess lol). sorry that phone conversations are so short, it can be hard when you have so much to say and so little time! my DB and i met when i was 15 (so 10 years ago, man that sounds like forever!). he is the brother of one of my best friend's from high school. he was always just my friend's brother until earlier this year, we just kinda clicked and are crazy about each other lol. i still sometimes think to myself "man, steph's brother!?!?" but he is the best! hang in there krysten! and yay for letters and phone calls, they keep us sane lol.
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    hi krysten. i went to university of washington in seattle, wa for earth and space sciences. i live and work in california now as a geologist. random, i know lol. physical therapy sounds awesome! i have a friend how works in physical therapy and loves it. it's nice to go to school close to home. i was close to home until my parents moved after my first year! but i loved my school so it worked out. how long have you and your DF been together? how have you been holding up?
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    hi! you said you're waiting for school to start in the fall? where do you go to school? what are you studying? i miss school but i'm an old lady of 25 lol and graduated a while ago...
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About kyrsten

Basic Information

Date of Birth
August 20, 1990 (32)
About kyrsten
Air Force
Not yet, but hopefully some day
Current Location/ Duty Station:
Clarksville, TN / Minot AFB, ND
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
we met 10th grade, in mr. wiemers' principles of business class. he was the nicest and funniest person i had ever met. he was dating someone else at the time though. by the time that they broke up, i was seeing someone. at the end of the year, i gave him my phone number so he could "teach me how to defend myself" (he was a wrestler and knew all of this self-defense stuff - really i just wanted him to call me or an excuse to hang out over the summer). HE NEVER CALLED. idiot :P we were friends, but never super close. i continued dating the same guy, and he dated another girl. we started hanging out a lot senior year, and eventually left the people we were dating to be together.
About Me:
my name is kyrsten. one day, i'll be a physical therapist. i have two sugar gliders named leia & tigerlily and they are the COOLEST critters on earth. i don't have a regular sleeping schedule. i think if i was an animal i would be a black cat because most of the time i am purrfectly happy curled up in bed all day. i never watch tv, but i reallyreally love alot of movies. i am a staunch advocate of every child's right to be born. i love the smell of books and reading them. i do not like politics. i am engaged to the sweetest most wonderful person in the whole world AND he loves me back!
About Us:
i always gave him a hard time, about how if he would have just called me in the 10th we could have been together the whole time! he told me that he left my number on his dresser for the longest time, and would almost call me, but chickened out. i didn't really believe him, but one day we were cleaning his room and i found my number! it had fallen behind his dresser :) that same day, i found a very small wooden box behind his night stand with a piece of paper folded up inside of it -- he had a very messy room haha. i started to open it and he took it from me and ran in the other room. i was confused, and a little suspicious. i eventually got him to give it back to me and it had two little stick people, a girl and a boy with K + W above it. he told me it was a wish box and he did that in the 10th grade and forgot about it! later we found the paper that came with the wish box and it said if you write down your wish, and put it in the box it will come true! ever since, i've been convinced that we were meant to be :)

we got engaged february 14th, 2010!!
Interests & Hobbies:
right now i am pretty boring since my honey is gone. i mostly just work & hang out with my sugar gliders!
Dream Sheet:
hopefully the military will lead me to a long & happy life with the love of my life!
regina spektor, john mayer, michael buble, keith urban, tim mcgraw
dirty jobs, solitary, the cosby show, gilmore girls, ninja warrior, fresh prince of bell air, desperate housewives
the princess bride, secondhand lions, fight club, peter pan, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, 300, patch adams, fanboys, fantastic mr. fox, boondock saints 2, kick-ass, up in the air, 500 days of summer, the lion king, inglourious basterds, bed
nicolas sparks, sarah dessen & harry potter!
i work full time as a tech at an outpatient physical therapy clinic, and i am also a full-time student.


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