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    Oh my goodness! The same thing happened to Robert like Noah! I just don't like telling people that since they get a little weirded out sometimes But yeah I know what you mean about it being so quick! I had Preeclampsia so that was an added thing I had to worry about since the doctor said all that could happen and so I was like yep I'm ready to have them home Do you do anything special when they turn a new month? I know that sounds funny but with the twins we'd go out for a little monthly birthday bash.
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    We totally call them the triplets!! They are also pretty much the same size since the twins were smaller than Mia was when she was born. That's cool that you guys have your birthdays in the same month!! It's funny our dog and Mia's birthday are in sept., then my husband and the twins in Oct., and then there's me Nov. 4th! Did you go full term with your little guys? I barely made it to 37 weeks and even then Sophia was barely 5 pounds and Robert was 6.5 pounds. They didn't need to stay in the NICU which was great since they had been full for the past 3 weeks at the hospital They would have had to airlift them to Seattle which was scary to me. Sophia was positioned great but Robert was breeched. They turned him themselves which was an experience all in itself. I just am so thankful they were healthy. With Mia it all went fast and pretty will with little to no iv drugs. What about you? Sorry if it's too personal I understand. Like I said I don't get to spend much time with ladies that have multiples
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    Oh man! I have heard stories about working with fondont I might have to play around with it before but I think you are right about those cupcakes! I have 17 days left I am sure they'll go by pretty fast too! So what day are your babies turning 1? Mine are born on oct 29 and the baby is sept 28
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    Oh yeah that's good for you! I remember when mine were that age I would take them all a nap (as much as I could get 2 11 month olds and an infant to sleep ) and I would take a little cat nap and feel better. I actually did get a change to look at some ideas and I was thinking either of these:

    I know one isn't cupecakes but I really love that idea for the two. I am thinking I might have to play around with some fondont soon I have never tried it since I usually get frosted cakes So this will be a learning experience right? Have you used fondont before?
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    haha! That's a perfect idea!! I actually wouldn't have thought about doing something like that! Last night I was tossing and turning thinking how I was going to do the birthday cake(s) for the twins and thanks to you I will do cupcakes! Find a way to make minnie and mickey one theirs I know how to make elmo ones that are super cute but I think they already got out of their Elmo phase So how's your day been?
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    OMG! I totally didn't think about doing that! That would be perfect for them! Maybe my youngest could be pluto or something I totally want to do a dr. suess themed birthday party in the future for the kiddos too! It would be more like the cat in the hat since mine aren't identical I can see that being awesome though! I always wanted a thing 1 and thing 2 Are you going to be getting them a huge cake to share or one little one for each? I haven't decided what to do exactly for mine..I might do one have cake and the other cheesecake or pie since they like different things. I have a lot of planning to do! I should have started all this before like you did!
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    Oh my gosh! That's a wonderful idea!! Last year the twins had a halloween themed costume party with just close family at the house. I had Robert as a cow and Sophia was a princess. This year I am still having a hard time trying to decide what to have them as. I also am not sure what to do for their birthday. I will probably have it mickey mouse themed since they are really into him right now They have a dvd that they like to play on repeat and it's the only thing that keeps them sitting for longer than 5 minutes. They have so much energy!
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    Oh really?! That's so exciting! I remember at that age they were a handful with them going here there and everywhere! Now that mine are almost 3 I just can't believe where the time has gone! Do you have any plans for their birthday? Are they boys,girls,one of each? Or are they identical? I am sorry! I just don't get much time to talk to mommy's of twins!
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    Haha! They say the first year is the hardest and let me tell you it was! They were my first so I mean I was new to EVERYTHING! And my husband was deployed so I relied a lot on family for support. This site helped too since I was able to meet a lot of wonderful ladies Are you a mother or expecting them?
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    Hey girl! Just saw that you posted me a message! I'm doing okay...a little overwhelmed because I think they're going through a growth spurt and just want to eat a lot and are cranky! How are your little ones doing?
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