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    Hey there! Are you set and ready to move now? I wont be in Germany until October or later. My husband will be there Sept. 21st. I hope things are good with you!
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    Hello, we just had our household goods picked up and got a call yesterday. My husbands orders were changed to Heidelberg instead of Vilseck. I won't get to meet you. Now I'm stressed because we sent our household goods based on Vilseck and not the small apartments in Heidelberg. How is your moving going?
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    Thats great you all are set to go. I really dont understand why its frankfurt also since nuremburg is closer. 3 hours on a bus doesnt sound fun at all especially with kids or pets. We are planning on living on post. I would just feel comfortable doing that. Are you going to live on post?

    We are going to submit the command sponsorship paperwork next week when I get to see my husband again. Hopefully we hear back asap afterwards so then I can see you in September! I am starting to get excited but will be more excited when I get the green light to go.
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    Hey there! How have you been? You all set and ready to move?
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    Hi there,

    Yes Im english and i live in London at the moment ! My husband is in Vilseck and has been since sept 2007 , we only recently got married (june 25th) and it was only last week we decided that i would take a sabbatical from my career and go and join him.

    I was there last week, got my id card , got EFMP'd and my husband has now handed in our papers to get me command sponsored! Now we wait!!!

    I should be there end of sept/beginning of Oct!!!!!!!!

    when are you going???
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    I have completed my EFMP screening- I just have to take a packet back once my neurologist fills it out about my migraines. I understand the researching hours a day- I do the same thing. What unit is your hubby going to?? We will be there Jan 10th= we have a little bit of time but I like to be prepared especially if we actually got this much heads up from the Army- I am taking all the time I can to prepare. We don't need a visa evidently- we just need the SOFA stamp on the no fee passport to go back and forth between germany but if you want to travel to any other country while you are there you will want to get a regular passport as well or just make sure that regular passport gets a SOFA stamp in it. Do you have facebook, myspace, etc that we can connect on too?
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    I still have to go get a physical and my husband is slowing about finding out what he needs to do to get me to Germany. We got married a month ago so I have been busy trying to do everything on my own while he is in AZ. Luckily I live 10mins from Ft. Lewis so it isnt out of my way to go on post to get things done. This actually is the only forum out of the others I am apart of that has alot of ladies in Germany and specifically Vilseck. My dad was in the army but I have lived most of my life in WA so I consider it home. I have been working retail every since I finished college 2 years ago. I am definately excited and sad to be moving to Germany. I will miss my family especially my 2 year old nephew. So many people are moving to Vilseck. Kind of makes me worried about housing. Are there anythings you really want to do when you get there? Like traveling?
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    Thank you- they DO offer classes but not until Sept and I want to get a head start on it. THey told us to go ahead and get our No fee passport before we got orders in hand but I wanted to be sure the passport, visa, SOFA, etc... weren't the same thing or whatnot. I am so nervous and have no idea what I am doing. When will you be going there?
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    Nope not yet. We should be there in September. I am just now trying to get my screening and passport so we are cutting it close. He might have to go before me. You excited?
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No, with no future plans of kids
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Florence, KY/Recruiting
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
We grew up in the same general area and had common friends. We had met several times before but started dating after we hung out at a party my junior year of high school.
About Me:
Well first off I should get it out of the way that I am very opinionated and speak before I think through the repercussions. I hate commitments and just like to do things on the fly. I am a total nerd and love useless facts and will always try to be right. I hate to miss my shows and love to shop...way too much! I am not into the country life but as long as I have the internet I will be okay. I love cats because they are their own people as opposed to dogs who are what you train them to be. I'm not into kids, they don't respect my boundaries, but some I fall completely in love with. We don't plan on having kids for a very long time and one of my biggest pet peeves is when people ask me why or give me the sad, they feel bad for me face....I'm not sad about it! I can be very goofy and share a lot of myself once I feel close to someone. I am a very loyal friend but get my feelings hurt by them often because most people don't take friendships as seriously as me. I love being a military wife and can't wait to be back in the military world!
About Us:
We are a lot alike and yet so different! We both hate appointments or plans! We like to do something when we get the urge. We both treat our cats like little people and get offended if anyone talks bad about them. We love electronics and watching our shows on our huge LCD TV! We like to explore and can't wait to see the world.
Interests & Hobbies:
TV, reading, sewing, crafts, cooking, internet
Dream Sheet:
Well it is already taking us there! To Germany so we can see the world.
Hard to say I'm not too picky when it comes to music, that would be my husband! I like pretty much everything and there are songs in every genre that I hate.
Wow my list might be too Well my all-time favorite show is Survivor. I don't know what it is I just love it! Second would be Lost and I can't believe next season is the last! I also like just about every reality show, there is somethi
I'm old school when it comes to my favs. Labrynth, Legend, Dirty Dancing and Flash are a few. New ones, I loved Juno and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.
Mags I love Self, Rachael Ray, and Women's World.
Books I love the Shopaholic series.
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