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sooo happy!

by ilovemymarine113 on 12-19-2008 at 07:44 PM
so, Rory was originally supposed to be leaving his MP school to come home for christmas on Tuesday [the 23rd] and he'd be here late tuesday night.
well, he just informed me that the next plane into boston he finds, he's on it!!!!!!
so, i'm assuming tomorrow, cuz theres waaaay too much snow here for him to come tonight!
omg. im in the best mood. and sosososooso excited! im that he's home tomorrow!!!

he leaves

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by ilovemymarine113 on 12-16-2008 at 10:16 PM
i got my phone call sunday!
and he left MCT today.. he's on his way to MO right now. so hopefully he will find out tomorrow when he gets to come home!!!

he told me he called his recruiter and he said if he can get a bunch of papers when he gets there he can come home before the 23rd and he'll get to stay till after new years. but if he cant he either comes home the 23rd or 24th and only gets the 96 hours
he doesnt know whats gunna happen yet, but he said

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in such a good mood

by ilovemymarine113 on 12-13-2008 at 02:34 PM
so today is me and Rory's 11 month anniversary cant wait for january!!! [only bad thing is he wont be here for our 1 year]
and then tomorrow, im supposed to be getting my first phone call from him since november 17th!!!
soo needless to say, im in the greatest mood today. i can only imagine how happy and hyper and crazyy im gunna be tomorrow

oh, AND he's done with MCT on tuesday. then we'll FINALLY find out when he gets to come!


by ilovemymarine113 on 11-23-2008 at 11:58 PM
my DF just left for MCT last sunday. it's been a WEEK, that's it. and he's only gone until Christmas. But yet, all week i've been in this depressed, leave me alone, all i wanna do is stay in bed curled up in his PJs, mood. I mean, it doesn't help I havn't gotten a letter yet and I dont even know his address yet, but geez, i dont even think i took it THIS hard when he was at basic... and that was THREE MONTHS.
I think maybe it's because he was only supposed to be home for 10 days after

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