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    Thank you very much, I love my baby with everything. I'm not that good, sorry to be a downer but my husband leaves for his first deployment for 9 months in 3 weeks and I'm scared. I thought I could handle it but my emotions have been going crazy. I just need support right now.
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    My husband and Jess actually grew up together. I guess they lived down the street and DH didn't have cable but Jess did and my DH use to go over to Jess's house to watch rugrats Jess also too Joel (DH) to his first party, where he called me the next day and said he woke up on some persons couch face down and had no clue how he got there Joel might have gone to Lily B, I don't know for sure, we didn't meet until highschool.

    It turns out we are coming home a little later than expected DHs leave got changed and now we can't come home in two weeks like we had planned. We are trying to make it home during my spring break, as long as work will let me have that week off.

    I lost touch with mostly everyone I went to school with We will sometimes message on facebook but thats about it. Elizabeth McMillen and I were reallly good friends for a while. I hung out with Natalie dick and breck gower and other girls in that group. Senior year though I really just focused on my grades since I had like a negative gpa ok, not really that bad but it was bad, so I really fell out of touch with them. Anyways though, thats who I know. I knew Jake Proctor, just didn't really see him much. I went to Christ Chapel, hung out with a lot of people from there too.
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    I graduated in 07, DH graduated in 06 from Heights as well. One of DHs really good friends went to Paschal, Jess Brown, you know him? He played football there.

    How was your Christmas? We didn't do anything special, just went and saw a movie and opened presents and enjoyed the day together. That is kind of our little holiday tradition I guess We are hopefully coming home in a few weeks and I can't wait. We have decided that we will have to plan out all the places we want to eat at while we are down I will probably gain 10 lbs from the trip.
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    I went to Heights (AHHS). Where did you go? I miss the food there so much. Have you eaten at Joe Ts? or Mellow Mushroom? or Mi Cocina, El Fenix, Kinkades (sp?) Fuzzys? Rosa's?
  5. Yeah that's nuts, I like the cold to go skiing and I like a little bit of cold just for Christmas. Otherwise, I can't handle it at all. Yummm starbucks sounds good though! Study for your tests.
  6. Eww finals. Hang in there, almost done!!! No, we aren't coming home for Christmas. I really wish we were, I miss it a lot! The weather here is warm lol. It's in the 70s, it's been really nice and sunny the past few days. I hear it's really cold there!! Yuck! I'm glad I'm not there for that though!
  7. hey love! how are you?
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    When he goes to tech school I wont move ON base with him, ill move to where he is and live off base, but visit him on base at first, and then when he earns off base priveleges have him come visit ME, haha. Since were married I get my ID card made December 15th, and I can get on base whenever I want, which is AMAZING for during tech school. Lol.
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    Yeah If he was gonna join any branch of the military, I'm glad it's Air Force. I just always said I would never marry a military man, and here I am haha. Him being at basic is hard, not so much the being alone (We were mostly long distance until about a year ago when I moved in with him), but the no contact is killing me! But I've been super happy the past few days because I got to talk to him on thanksgiving, and i got a letter friday, then he won another phone call sunday which was completely unexpected and awesome.
    I'm pretty sure that after basic things will be just fine, I've just been having a rough time dealing with this part. I know I'll miss him during deployments and TDA's, and tech school, but at least he'll have his phone on him and internet access.
    He WAS gonna be a SERE trainer, but when they said he would be in hostile territory and deployed a lot, and he would have to sign a waiver saying that during training he would have bones broken and get hurt all the time, he decided against it, lol.
    So now he's in the process of choosing another job, and it sucks because I can't help him decide, except through letters! Ahhh! He told me he might do security forces, which would have tech school at lackland for 13 weeks, and then he could pretty much be sent to any base.
    I'm just trying to survive 'til January 7th! Lol.
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    Oh Gosh! hello I havent been on in FOREVER!!! I feel bad Things are good I married life!! How have things been with you??
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Does anybody know anything about Randolph AFB in San Antonio, TX?? This is where DF just found out he will be stationed :-) We got lucky with him just being 2 and a half hours away :-) If you know anything or are stationed there could you please let me know..that would be great!! Thanks! :-)

Kelly Marie


by kellymarie248 on 11-13-2008 at 02:39 PM
This is a link my dad sent me through e-mail..these young girls wrote their own song and are singing it to their dad who is away at war and then he comes home! Its called Price of Peace and it really touched my heart! Yall can click on the link or copy and paste the link..they have beautiful voices..and it really hits home! Hope yall enjoy <3 Kelly


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