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    so i just realized i posted this on my own site any here...
    thats what i missed out on about living on base when we lived in san antonio. the base there is so nice. but the surrounding neighborhood wasn't as nice. i was always worried about someone trying to break in or something. bases always feel so much safer to me.
    we have a lab mix, a basset hound, and a basset/russell mix. kinda an interesting mix but our basset got out and got pregnant. we have thought about breeding her so we haven't fixed her but after 2 litters of unplanned puppies, she is getting spayed probably in the next week or so. what about you?
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    i don't think we would be able to take all our animals. we have 2 cats and 3 dogs currently. i would have to take the cats and i think moving both dogs to a base might be too much but i dunno. it just depends on what the army has to say i guess. we lived in san antonio for a while when mike was in AIT and i think it would be nice to live on a base like Ft. Sam. i just wouldn't want to live off base again i don't think....well maybe not in the area where we lived.
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    i think that when mike gets home he should be promoted almost immediately. he was up for promotion before he left for kuwait, where he is now, and should have been promoted long before now except his new commander over there is a prick. were you close to you're family. thats what would be the absolute hardest for me. and leaving my dogs, at least 1 of them. i have 3 but my sis in law is taking one when she moves out. she isl iving with me during the deployment but that is a whole nother story.
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    DH is a combat medic. i know the benefits are alot better in active. and he actually turned down a bonus cause he thought it was wimpy sounding to be a surgical tech. lol we have just kinda been thinking about a change. it would be nice to be on a base somewhere.
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    Hi, i'm Amy. i posted about going from reserves to AD Army. What does your husband do?
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    Hey! I read your broken down post .. and it really touched me! I feel like that at times too, but feel comfort in the fact that every day is a new day! If you ever wanna talk, my name's Katie. I am staying in Kansas as well, while my fiance is deployed, hope your having a good weekend!
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About chele
Yes, very proud parent
Current Location/ Duty Station:
Fort Riley
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
We met at what we both dub the world's worst Christmas party. We were both drug individually to a house party for Christmas of people who ALL grew up together and went back with one another 20 some years. Both my hubby and I were not from the area and neither of us wanted to be there. I was taken by a coworker/friend who was trying to set me up with her best friend/roommate. We didn't hit it off, but I reluctantly went. James was recently divorced and was taken by his friends to get out of the house. The peeps that I went with disappeared and were socializing while I and another friend of theirs were conspiring on how to get out of there. (Note: they made absolutely no attempts at introducing us and we couldn't follow their growing up tales) James came over and started talking to me. We just kept talking and talking. We eventually went outside in the cold to talk some more (really crammed house) and he gave me his jacket. That was the moment I realized he was a really decent guy!! We kept talking and eventually left to go talk some more. We stayed up until 4 am at a Denny's talking....The rest is history.
About Me:
Enjoying life especially with my kids and my husband
About Us:
He is my partner, my best friend, my lover, my confidant, my cheerleader, my anchor, but most of all my equal. When he is gone, I feel a part of me missing.
Interests & Hobbies:
Genealogy( yes I am a nerd), art, crafts, photography, my daughter
Dream Sheet:
Where hasn't the military taken me? I grew up in it, married it, and am now raising kids in it. I have had the opportunity to live and visit many different areas and to benefit from the experiences. Retirement is the goal for my hubby.
Very eclectic...everything from oldies, blues, rock, certain heavy metal, classical, get the point
Grey Anatomy, Army Wives, reality shows, Dr. G
Movies, what are these!? I wish I got to see them more since Katherine was born! Love all kinds
Too many to list... currently into Phillippa Gregory. Seems like I read a lot of parenting mags too
Stay at home mom right now...I miss my job! : (



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