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Thread: Heidi!

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    I started Alli today, and so far so good! its an easy pill to take....much better then those other ones I would take before that would make me jumpy. Have you noticed it working yet? I know its really a different kind of pill in that it takes a while to see results---or at least thats what I got out of reading all those pamphlets! Anyways, just wanted to check in with you on it and let you know I finally hopped aboard!
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    I am doing well on it.. I have noticed my pants are bigger, which is fine with me. I do have more energy, but I think it is because I am eating better. If you follow the plan all will be ok, but don't try to outsmart it. It won't let you. Good luck. If you read through the info, you can use other eating programs such as weight watchers, pretty awesome!

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