I'm a little late but I wanted to give you an update about hellofresh! I got the omnivore box, so the veggie one might be slightly different in portions of veggies.

Things I liked:
-New recipes! They were fun, new flavor combos I wouldn't have tried and they were easy
-Nicely packaged. Thick insulation with large ice packs, and the meals are bagged separately so you don't mix up what goes in which meal.
-Good portions! They looked super small to me, but I ended up only eating half my portion of all the meals.
-Website is easy to use
-Ingredients are fresh and good quality. I received Brussels Sprouts and they were large and clean, I didn't have to trim them!

Things I didn't like:
-You can't black list an ingredient, so for instance, 4/6 meals (I got a second box I haven't cooked yet) I've received have onions, and I just typically skip onions because I don't like chopping them and the flavor isn't important to me.
-You have to cancel 9 days before your last box is delivered, so I wasn't actually planning to get a second box so soon, but I didn't realize the time frame to change my delivery frequency/cancel (it's really easy to do though, so that's a plus)
-I'm too moody about cooking and eating, so I really have to force myself to cook these meals in a timely fashion
-They rely heavily on grain, and could use a bit more quantity of the veggies. I'd be interested to know if the vegetarian meals are better about this balance though!

If you have any other questions, let me know! Overall I thought it was really fun, I picked up a few new cooking techniques that I will definitely use again and honestly I'll probably recreate all the meals because they've all been delicious.