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    San Diego!!!


    I just got your postcard!!! thank youuuuuuuu When did you mail it?

    DH was so confused, he didn't actually read it but was like "do you know someone who lives in Morocco!!?"

    I hope you eventually got my card, I'm pretty sure I sent it super late
    WiggleWiggle~ is my Wifey
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    Yay!!! Glad it finally arrived. And it was actually sent from Spain cause we couldn't find an open post office the last two days in Morocco but shhh And my sister mailed it sometime the first week of January. We tried so hard to find a post office first in Fes and then Seville but it was impossible. So she sent them all from Barcelona

    And I'm sorry I confused your DH

    And yes, I did get your card. I've been meaning to message you to tell you but being back at work distracted me and sleep deprived brain is horrible. Thank you for the card!

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