How are y'all feeling?

How is it going with LOs home?
You healing ok?

Mommas to Be:
How is LO doing?
Do you feel like labor will be soon or will baby be stubborn?
Any dilation?

Not much longer for you ladies!

I don't know if y'all want to still count me as an Oct momma but miss Ziva's adjusted age is one day old (actual is 2 month) so I think we should still count Plus she weighs about the same as the new Oct babies. She is 8lbs 1oz (last time she was weighed)...I am thinking we have thrush because the white on her tongue wouldn't come off She finally pooped after 2 days and OMG the smell was awful people are shocked to find out she is 2 months old...they a always think she is just a few days old. I thought looking at her you couldn't tell she was a preemie but apparently others notice.

Here is Miss Ziva on her Due Date Birthday :