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Thread: Vino!

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    Hello Vino!

    How is your internship going?!
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    They are AMAZING! Minus that first patient that died, but even that was a great teaching case. I am learning SO much more than I ever did in a classroom. I have totally bonded with some of my clients and its amazing to see how thankful they are when we do a successful surgery that saves their dogs life or even when we give them bad news, like their dog has heartworm, and we tell them that, while expensive, we can fix it. Its such a rush. I love it.

    Today my kitty woke up after his dental and he was such a mushy love. He just kept purring and rubbing up on me and you could tell he felt SO much better after having his teeth cleaned and the rotten ones removed. He wasnt in pain anymore. IT WAS SO HAPPY. for 3 years this man came in every week with his poodle who was always matted and gross. He would leave her in the gallery sometimes all day while he ran errands. This woman has fallen in love with the dog. He asked her if she could pet sit while he went on vaycay 2 weeks ago and after living with the dog decided she wanted it, and is currently in the process of attempting to adopt the dog from the man (he is kinda resistant). She groomed her so shes no longer matted, but the owman noticed the dog was peeing a LOT, and it was dribbling, and noticed there was blood in it. She brought it in expecting a simple UTI- the dog has a bladder stone that appears to be 1 1/2 inches long (in a toy poodle...the dog weighs only 5 kgs). Thats HUUUGE. And the dog has all these abscesses in its teeth, so it needs a full dental plus multiple extractions (approx 1k) and a cystotomy (surg. to remove the stone, about 1.5k) and she wants to do it all to help the dog.

    It makes me so happy! Cardiology was amazing, echos and ultrasound is a blast. I was made to do this.

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