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Thread: Brianna Banana !!!

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    Brianna Banana !!!

    You are a Vandal too!!

    When did you graduate? What was your major?

    I live up by Coeur d Alene and did a lot of my work up here but I was down in Moscow a bit. Crazy small world!
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    I am a Vandal!!

    I actually was only there for two years - 2006 and 2007. I moved down here (Arizona) to finish my coursework in 2008. I double majored in Music Performance and Electrical Engineering. I lived in the Alpha Gam house up on New Greek.

    I miss it all. the. time. Swing dancing on Thursday nights. Eating at Lefty's. Coffee at One World, and that awesome bookstore on Main.

    I actually have family in Couer d'Alene, so I spent a fair number of weekends up there. It's such a small world!!
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