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    Your post in my AT&T thread really made me rethink Sprint. I had them years ago and it was a nightmare with the bill every month. The date changed, the amount changed even though I hadn't changed anything. It was just bad, but that $100 everything plan is really attractive. Have you been really happy with them so far?
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    I have been happy with the PRICE so far. Customer service is a nightmare. But the phones are good, and you cannot beat the Simply Everything Plan.

    The real problem is that they don't apply the military discount EVERY MONTH. And then I have to call and complain. And then I have to sit there and listen to that apologetic representative tell me that it will definitely go through *this* month.
    And of course it never does.

    My sis signed up 2 months after I did, and she gets her discount every month like clockwork. Maybe they just hate me.

    Aside from the customer service, I couldn't be happier. And like I said, I am their cheap, tight wad bitch, willing to put up with all kinds of abuse to save a buck.

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