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  1. Veteran's Wife <---- this makes me sound so old! :(
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    Veteran's Wife <---- this makes me sound so old! :(
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    Jump for Joy RoxyMac, Sweetheart82006, HisJoker, Juliet2008

    Hi Wifeys!!!

    Haven't talked to ya'll in a while.... you still around???
  2. No more marines! :)
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    No more marines! :)
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    Me & DH cali living without MC
    ya Im here!!!! I have so busy wow!! I leave on thursday for my gradmothers. DB gets back from his month training the weekend after this one coming up. Not to mention midterms!! Now I have 2 papers to write before I leave on my trip!!
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  3. *Kyle & Steph*
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    *Kyle & Steph*
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    yes still around just not as much.... Michael and I broke up finally and I am now with someone else. Kinda sad because in a way I miss supporting Michael in the military but I am happy with this other guy.

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