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Thread: Trina (Wicked)!

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    Cloud 9 Trina (Wicked)!

    This is my version of a Hallmark card, since I don't have your # or address to send something more personalized.

    I just really appreciate you, and wanted to say so. I know you hear all the time how intelligent, diplomatic, articulate, and considerate you are, but it's for a reason. You're a rarity. You and jen1982 have taught me so much already without being oppressive or demeaning. I was not strongly religious nor partisan before I came to this board, but I have become much more open-minded since.

    Thank you for being here.

    With that, I'm going to hide now. I'm squishy.
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    Awwww! I actually don't hear that all the time, and it is VERY sweet of you to say! I am so flattered that you feel that way about me! You have made my whole week.

    Never be afraid to tell someone this kinda stuff! This put a giant on my face! Thank you sooooooo much.

    I feel the same way about Jen 1982, too.

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