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    I noticed you said Tristan is difficult to shop with, and wondered if what I do with Tandis might help you? I realize there's different circumstances, but if you haven't tried it, it might be worth a try at least.

    We had a few meltdowns until I started having him 'help' choose things, or help load things into the cart. Now I can't put anything into the cart myself without little helper man wanting to take it from me. He hasn't had a single meltdown (except when he's been sick) since I started using that method.
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    Thanks! I will try it. Although, now I generally shop when he is at school.

    We have him read signs which helps. I just get so stressed that I just forget all logic. It is ingrained now, like Pavlov. I walk through the door to a store, and my stress-level shoots through the roof. It is sad, really.

    His problem is usually waiting to check out or if we have to leave a section he wants to be in. He throws himself in the floor and won't move, so I'll pick him up, he'll walk 2 steps and throw himself in the floor some more. The only way to cure it at that point is to a)carry him or b) put him in the cart. Honestly, it just depends on the day for him, and for me.

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