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  1. Im crazy, the good kind
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    I can't find where the package I sent to you went. I called and they said it was delievered to the hospital...I am chalking it up to a loss...I got you 2 books, like positive thinking books or something...

    I can't afford much right now since im on the tightest budget imaginable...When I can I will resend them to your home...

    Im so sorry, I just wanted to let you know...Im going to try sending them again in about a week or so....Thanks for looking out for me last night, got a little freaked...

    anyway....Roy said hi, and I love ya and I hope you have a fabulous weekend my dear
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    Your mom
    omg, don't even mention it. It was so kind of you to even think of me. I love you oodles and oodles.

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