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    Exclamation Brandi

    I would like to see some new pics of Yogi!

    How is the little monster doing?
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    My camera got broken so I'm in the process of ordering a new one. he's doing good though. He is still digging holes and chewing quite a bit, but it HAS gotten better. I think now that all of his puppy teeth are gone, he's not wanting to chew AS MUCH as he was.

    He's really turned into such a sweet natured, good boy though. he's very obedient and loves to learn and play, and he is GREAT with the kids. He puts up with a lot from them and has never once shown teeth or nipped or anything.

    The only thing we're trying to work with him on right now is calming down when company is over. He goes ballistic when we have people over, he gets very jumpy and overly excited, which he doesn't usually do here with us. So, we're trying to teach him to mellow out a bit and stop the jumping when we ask him to.

    Other than that, he's a very good boy and has an incredible amount of personality and patience with the kids. He loves to play with them and is learning how to play without being too rough. He and Jaxon are real buddies now and Hunter has gotten to where he adores him, as well. he likes to go lay with him when Yogi is sleeping Shelby doesn't seem to have much interest in him but she's a finicky female so I expect that from her

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