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Thread: Do you have a child

  1. gss1981
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    Do you have a child

    that likes to write? My son would love a pen pal? He's 7 and he loves getting mail and sending it. If you're interested, please let me know!
  2. Kat
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    stand barefooted in my own front yard with a baby on my hip
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    Awww, that is cool.
    My son is 10. He LOVES mail. If you dont mind that he is a little older that would be great if they wrote each other. If you want PM me your addy and I will PM you ours
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    I know I'm late but can my son get in on this too???? Maybe all 3 could write each other? My son is 6 1/2
    PM you're alls addy's if you're interetsed
  4. God Bless the USA
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    I just want to say that this is awesome. Pen letters are so far and few these days. These kids will really benefit in many ways by doing this. KUDOS to you moms.
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    what a good idea!

  6. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Liam can only write his name, so no go...unless y'all want pieces of paper with pictures and "Liam" writtten a million times

    Great idea!

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