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Thread: Aelsass & Wolfspawprint

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    Aelsass & Wolfspawprint

    Adrienne & Melissa
    I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you ladies and I hope everything will be ok
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    Thanks!! We're fine and going home today. Adrienne is packing up as we speak and I am going to be going back there to help Tom pack in a bit.

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    Yes thank you we are good. Melissa and I and her husband became a great team the last couple days. My mom and step dad were very great and allowing us to stay...along with all the animals plus an aditional couple and their dog and cat. For having 4 big dogs they all got along.....even Melissas cat and mine accepted eachother. Now the cleanup begins. Im just hoping DH can get back early and help cause outside is black

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