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Thread: So... I'm getting Married!!!

  1. celise
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    Dance So... I'm getting Married!!!

    So... I'm totally getting married Nov. 17th .... of this year!!!!!! Have I lost my mind?!? Haha... Df made our decision for myself to move up with him at the end of this year, and financially the right move is for us to get married. We knew we were going to, there is no reason why we need to wait. Financially it would help out when we moved.. But the major reason, I would feel more comfortable being married before he deploys, and I dont think I have to explain myself to you ladies for that! I think God is on my side or something.. Because Everything so far.. has gone so right, knock on wood. this wedding is going to be under $5,000, my dress, tiara, veils, shoes, bustier and big poofy slip came to under $1,000 and it wasn't even on sale and it is amazing!! I will post pix soon... I cant even see straight, I feel like I'm getting married tomorrow my adrenaline is pumped so high! We went and got the gown and stuff today haha, I felt like a princess! I think I am going to repost tomorrow when I am rested and can understand what I am typing.. I am sorry I even posted this....
  2. celise
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    oh yeah, and all the bridesmaids are ready to go, getting fitted on Tuesday, all the family is prepared and ready, and place I want is booked and ready... everything is set other than a limo, and a dj. ...
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    Congratulations babe!
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    I can't wait to see the pics
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    Make sure there are lots of pictures. We will want to see!
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    that's awesome, i'm jealous!!! i want to see that dress!!!!!

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    Wow sounds like you have things under control.

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