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Thread: Sounds that you miss

  1. mamaofbeaniebaby
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    Sounds that you miss

    For instance, I was warming something up in the microwave and I went upstairs to get something. The timer went off and it made me think "man I miss his the sound of his late night snacking."

    Is there something like that that reminds you of your SO when he's away?
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    OMG... I took my DB's car for a spin yesterday, first time I have driven it in months. The sound of the engine starting... and the turbo kicking in... I was RIGHT back to the day he got that car, and all the time we spent in it, and then how weird it was to be in the driver seat and have no passenger.

    The sound of motorcycles made me cry for a little while, because he had a bike.

    My puppy snores and reminds me of DB snoring.

    Hmm.. i think that's about it.
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    i actually miss his snoring its not loud and yucky its just soft and nice snoring so when ever i hear someone snoring i think about him or when i hear a car door slam near my house it reminds me of whenever he'd pull up to my house and get out he'd slam the door so i might hear i and come out becuae he likes it when i run up and jump in his arms
  4. mamaofbeaniebaby
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    Ah yes the snoring! You know he's the guy for you when you find his snores soothing. Sometimes my Puddin prrr's and sometimes he sounds like a freight train. Either way it's a comfort.
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    I so miss hearing him come up the stairs to our old apartment. And then hearing the key and the door open. That used to be the best time of the day!
  6. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I miss the snoring too.... it's like a baby snore

    And I miss laying on his chest and falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.
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    i miss the sound of him getting ready in the morning and then kissing me goodbye...

    i also get a sad feeling when i hear/see motorcycles because DF loves them and riding is something we did together a lot before he left

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