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Thread: I Met Him, My Devil Dog Prince.... (Kinda Long)

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    Jump for Joy I Met Him, My Devil Dog Prince.... (Kinda Long)

    Jon got here on the 1st of Sept in the afternoon and left on the 4th in the morning. It was WONDERFUL. I met him at the airport, and I knew it was him the second I saw him, we both had these huge smiles. We hugged, and then went to get his stuff, and our car rental, and we started blabbing away and I don't think we shut up the whole time he was here.

    Our first "date" was Tony Roma's and then we went back to the hotel and ordered brownies and ice cream and just fell asleep cuddling and talking.

    The next day he needed some tactical gear, but all those kinds of shops were closed because of the holiday weekend and so we decided to drive to the airforce base a few counties over. Again we blabbed the whole time, and even when we got lost sort of, we were both just chill and going with the flow. That's amazing for me because usually I get a little uptight about that. We didn't find what he needed, but it was just...

    Our next "date" was Bass Pro Shop (haha) which totally won me over because we are both like little kids in that store, and we got to pick up some of the gear he needed, and have a bunch of conversations based around outdoorsy stuff.

    It was amazing, he was such a gentleman the whole time, even doing little things I did not even have to ask him for. Hard to believe this "tough guy" marine is a bit of a shopaholic metro-sexual who loves to cuddle... but it's cool.

    I am just blown away by him... and it's one of those situations where it all just clicked... even though we only "just met" it feels like we've been together forever.

    I am so sad now though, because he had to leave, and we were in such a rush, and he is deploying soon, and hella busy trying to get ready... and he's spoiled me up until now... so I'm... lol.

    He was cute too, teasing me for 2 weeks about a "present that we can both have at the same time that is sort of a necklace" (as he accidentally put it lol) We got in such a hurry he forgot to give me it, but oh well, something else to wait on.

    I also feel somewhat special because he took a chance on me... he didn't tell me til half way through the trip that he didn't get his out of bounds Chit in in time and thus was not "supposed to be so far away, and all his guys think he is just a state away." I wanted to be pissed and beat his ass... but... the other piece of me was

    He txt me last night "Sorry for not calling, I've been so busy, when in reality all I want to do is be with you and cuddle, I've been thinking about us ever since I got back"

    Sorry to babble, (and I could go on and on) I just am so... happy right now, and thankful to EHarmony!!!
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    awwww you sound sooo happy! yay!
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    Camp Pendleton....wishing i was still in Okinawa.
    That's great, its good that you had a great time.
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    aww yay! sounds like fun im glad everytyhing went well

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    Awwwww...I am so glad that things went so well for you!

    Babble on...its great!
    I would like to be with my for a while but thats what made me so tired in the first place!
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    that is awesome!!
  7. Lydia
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    The budding of a relationship is fun! Go ahead be giddy! We are happy for you!
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    Very cute!!! Should post some pics
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    Soo I am sitting here SOBBING!!! that was the cutest story ever!!! I can't wait till I meet my Devil Dog and I can Babble to you about it as well!!! I am soo happy for you girlie!! I know how it feels to be in !!! I wish you two the best! You deserve the world and I am happy he is trying to give it to you!! CONGRATS!!!
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    Im in Clearwater Beach, FL.
    Awwwwwww YAY! Sound simular SO glad its working, its an amazing feeling isnt it?

    We're from the country.. And we like it that way
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