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Thread: So this is a long question...

  1. Cherrish
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    So this is a long question...

    I'm not even really sure its a question as much as me venting or whatever.

    OK, so I'm dating this really great guy that I met online....we've been dating for about 2 months now. About 2 weeks ago, we starting dating more seriously after talking about where we were going with this relationship.

    I guess my problem is not understanding why he wants to be with me. I mean, from my point of view, my life is really not all that great. I'm going through a divorce, I've got two kids, I live with my parents....I mean....maybe I'm looking a gift-horse in the mouth here, but I can't help but wonder.

    I know he really likes me...I mean, why else would be stay up all night talking and laughing with me knowing he has two jobs and has to work both of them the next day? I like him a lot too....I guess I'm just worried about screwing this up somehow. And I feel like since I'm trying so hard not to screw it up, I will.

    I don't know...I need a hug somebody.
  2. Del
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    solve problems with a little time and lots of vodka
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    It's good that you're being cautious, but don't let over-thinking it get you into unneeded trouble, kwim?
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  4. Turtle2_6
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    you probably just nervous because of the previous divorce. just take things one step at a time and enjoy yourself...
  5. ash
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    you deserve it, girl!
    this is like a bad movie, and i'd give it a 5 on my netflix
  6. googlegirl
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    just take things slowly and have fun!! You deserve some happiness- the same as everyone else!
  7. Lydia
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    Just enjoy it, don't rush things!

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