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Thread: Do Your Sagnificant others usually change?

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    Do Your Sagnificant others usually change?

    DB and I have been talking to both sides of the family about how we are going to do our wedding this comming up feb (something small and quick and then later have something bigger) and he doesnt get to really talk to anyone but me and his mother becuase hes over in most are.

    Everyone that i've talked to about getting married and ect have been trying to scare me telling me to be careful becuase deployments make men change and they'll cheat on me and ect. Its not my DB becuase everyone in my family apsolutly love him! i think everyone it trying to concider to me about what the military could do to DB. i'm not sure, but it scares me becuase they all put these ideas in my head.....Has any of your DBDFDH ect....ever come home from deployment, even R&R leave totally different???
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    Dh didn't really change at all...nor did I ever wonder if he was cheating on me. I trusted him and that was enough for us.
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    My DH seems to have changed somewhat (for the better) he isn't officiallly home yet but he is in the states and it seems he has realized that I am his first priority and also seems a little more "grown up" about some things ........jeez I hope that doesn't make him sound like he was awful before, because he wasn't, just got wrapped up in work alot...
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    My boyfriend is only in basic right now but i knew going into the relationship he would be joining the army eventually. He was worried about being with me because HE HIMSELF was actually scared of changing... not just after being deployed... but he was scared of changing in basic. i know that sounds a little silly... but i think it was mostly him being scared of having to leave me and thereby possibly hurting me. he didnt want me to get into the relationship without understanding what could happen.

    since hes been gone he has realized he will only grow up in a good way.. he wont change for the bad... because he CARES about me... that cant change if it is honestly and thoroughly true.

    dont worry about your DB changing. obviously he will come back a changed man, thats a given.. but it shouldnt have any negative effect on your relationship that you cant work through together. when they are really there for you... they are there for good.

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