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Thread: Dressing Each other

  1. mamaofbeaniebaby
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    Smile Dressing Each other

    Does your SO let you choose clothes for him? Does he choose outfits for you? Does he have good taste?
  2. He's my popeye, but I'mnoOliveOyl!
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    He's my popeye, but I'mnoOliveOyl!
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    If we're going somewhere nice, I usually pick out his clothes. He's no help to me.. says I look great in anything (he thinks it comes off sweet, but I know it's just so he can get me to shut up and get ready to leave.)

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    We don'r dress each other. But he usually has an opinion. ie...he watches too many videos. I am going to leave it at that.

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    yes yes and decent lol

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    we pick out our own outfits but we give each other our opinions on the outfit. i always ask him if i look ok before we go somewhere.

  6. Keep Calm and Ride Unicorns
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    LMAO, if I let my husband pick out my clothes I would look like Homie the Clown. I dress him all the time for the SAME reason.

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    if we are going on a "date" then i will be like that doesn't match or whatever. i sometimes ask him to pick out my clothes for me and he's just like i dunno how about this. he tries to have good taste for me but it doesn't work well
  8. Del
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    He's no help to me. Every once in a while I express a preference on shirt or something, but I basically figure that we can each dress ourselves, so we might as well. Unfortunately, this accidentally causes us to match colors sometimes, and then people think we did it on purpose!
  9. C'swife
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    Sometimes we dress each other, otherwise we almost always ask each other for opinions on what we think we want to wear
  10. Turtle2_6
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    I had tried to get DB to dress a little nicer but he like to stay comfy...and DB seems to think he has great taste in cloths for me but the colors are to bright most of the time....

    so no, we don't really dress each other
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