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Thread: stuck in a tough spot

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    Question stuck in a tough spot

    Dh and his dad do not get along.

    Last time we were there he was out of town but came home two days before we left. He took dh into the garage to yell at him. It all started because I coughed and woke him up. And because the door know was broken and we made too much noise opening it. In this 45 minute yelling dh got, we were told to never com back.

    So now that we are going back for Christmas we were supposed to stay with his aunt and uncle but they won't be there now. So dh wants to stay in a hotel rather then give his dad another chance. I don't know what we are supposed to do in a hotel for two weeks. I don't want to go all the way to his grand parents because 2 weeks there is too much.

    Should I try to push dh to make ammends with his dad so we can be with his mom and baby sis?
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    If your dh feels that strongly about it, I wouldn't push it & try to see the sis & Mom on the side possibly? Good luck that sounds like a sticky place to be sweety
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    I would say no because it is a two week long stay, if things don't work out then you all might be stuck having no place to go or staying in a place you don't wanna stay. I would say to let them work it out themselves. Also holiday's are always a stressful time and it could make matters worse.

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