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Thread: It's Rough

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    It's Rough

    I'm scared. My boy just left for bootcamp today, and I am really scared. We had talked about our future, and what we were going to do...but it's so hard. I'm only 20, and so is he, and we have been dating for a year, and are planning on getting married. He kept telling me this is for our future, a chance for us to get ourselves in a position financially and physically to be married. But as I think about it, the more I doubt it. I just have this great fear he's going to change so much while he's gone, and i'll just be a secondary thing to him to the NAVY. Granted, I know for at least the next 6 years, the NAVY takes priority over everything else, but I feel like all that we had before he left will be gone, and I won't mean anything to him. I don't think he's going to write me, even if I write to him, and that he never really cared about me at all, and his love for me is a joke. I just am afraid that he's not going to care about me as much as he did before he left. I just don't know if I can take it...some advice would be appreciated...I've been crying non-stop since his swearing in this morning....
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    ok first of all take a deep breath! i didnt go through basic with my current db but i did with my ex...i was 20 and he was 19 and i cried CONSTANTLY we talked about getting married and that stuff be lying to say he didnt change he did... but while he was in bootcamp he loved every time he got a letter for me and he wrote as often as possible because of his job (hes a nuke) we ended up breaking up mostly because he coudlnt balance studying like ten hours a day and having a gf all the way across the united states but this was just our circumstance communicate as much as possible and im sure youll be fine my ex and i are still best friends and we talked awhile about being together again i dont mean to scare you with my story but him and i were at two completely different points in our lives and it just didnt work were both now in relationships and very happy they will change and the navy will be important to him thats there job there life and everything they are around for the next 6 years if your understanding about that youll make it...keep your head up and feel free to pm me whenever you want
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    The Navy will come first, its one of the "rules". But it doesnt mean he wont love you wholeheartedly. The sense of pride you have when being a military significant other is overwhelming.

    Your relationship will be ok. It will just be rough for a bit.

    Hang in there, BTW Welcome to SOS!

    If you devote your time to being busy, the time will pass rather quickly

    We're from the country.. And we like it that way
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    Man! My df left on Monday for bootcamp and I that was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do. We have been together a little over 2 years and had only been apart for like...maybe a week? I have also been feeling a little like he will change and not love me afterwards and that I will be pretty much on my own when we are married. Hopefully thats not the case..I'm not sure bc I'm so new at this too. But about the him not loving me part, How could spending time apart under such stress cause him to not want to be with me anymore. I mean unless he really didn't love me, but I'm sure that we would have ended it before he left. And what makes you think that he wont write you? Did he say so? I would just have faith that it will all be worth it in the end. I found this quote the other day that has helped me out a lot...Great love and great achievement take great risk. Anyways, hang around the boards, they helped me yesterday to get my mind off of crying. Pm me anytime you want too. Cheer up sweety!
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