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Thread: advice on marriage jitters

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    Sad advice on marriage jitters

    omg! does anyone or everyone have advice on those stupid prewedding jitters. You know the ones where you think everything is going to go wrong, the cake is going to melt, the tuxes aren't going to fit, nobody will show up, the hurricane is going to come straight at us, etc... eshk i feel like a one person hurricane myself im up all hours of the night running everything through my head over and over and over... and then i freak out, then calm myself down, i even friggin started my period with all the stress... thanks a lot birth control... i feel all i want to do is and of course my df is off on some capstone adventure completely oblivious as to what i am GOING THROUGH!!all i want to do is throw a !! anyone have a way of making these feelings go away ... or lessen them?

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    all i can tell you is it's normal to freak out before the wedding. the whole month before mine i freaked over all the stresses. the best advie i can give is...when the wedding is here, it's all worth it. nothing is going to go wrong. whomever you put in charge of certain things, trust them to do their job. everyone wants you to have a great time and they will help to make sure you do. if there are any disasters, people will be there to help you. BUT it's going to be a magical day. and if something little goes wrong, it only makes the day more memorable.
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    Big hugs to you! It can be extremely stressful, all you can do is just expect things to go not as planned, but always make the best of it!
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    Just remember (and remind yourself) that no matter what goes wrong, at the end of the day you will be married to your SO. Beyond that the rest is just details - and details that, 50 years from now, won't matter - but being married to him will.

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