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Thread: another marriage question...

  1. Rachee03
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    another marriage question...

    Ok, so this kind goes along with the permission to marry question. DB says that he doesnt want to get married yet because he wants to be able to take time off to go on a honeymoon after the wedding, and he would have to take leave to do all that, because we would be getting married in ohio. And he says that while hes stationed on a carrier he cant do that. But then other people have told me that its a different kind of leave to get married? and they let you take that, even if you're on a ship? I dont know, maybe thats just his way of saying hes not ready....
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    all commands/ ships are different.
    I know you have to ask permission to go out of bounds. Most commands say 50 miles. So maybe that's what he's talking about. I've never heard of 2 types of leaves for marriage.
    There's baby leave.... and house hunting leave... and bereavement leave... I don't think there's a marriage leave.

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    leave is leave.. i think bereavement leave is the only one not charged against you. what he might be talking about is he might have a harder time getting more than 2 weeks off if he wanted it for wedding and honeymoon.. some ships won't let you take more than 2 weeks no matter what. ( of course there are conditions, but getting married wouldn't be one of them.)

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    Oooo ok, maybe thats just what he meant. Thanks ladies!
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    dh is on a carrier. we took a honeymoon. he just had to save up his leave and then get it approved. it was stressful though cause they didn't officially approve it until a week before the wedding. we got everything insured or military-claused.

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