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Thread: Parental Approval

  1. Turtle2_6
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    Parental Approval

    When you got engaged to you SO was is it important to you that your parents approved?

    My and DB was to get engaged officially when he comes back from deployment, but I have been really nervous about how my parents will think about it. More with my mom because they don't get along to well.

    Recently my dad has brought up if i thought DB was the one and we had a good discussion, so I believe my dad is fine with DB. And today my mom asked me if I planned on making a future with him. I told her thats why he is reinlisting for 2 more years. She didn't really ask any more indepth.

    My parents opinion is important to me, but in reality, I am the one who is in the relationship with DB so if i am happy should i worry what they think?

    anyways just wanted to hear your opinion
  2. It took awhile to see the beauty of just letting go
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    It took awhile to see the beauty of just letting go
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    Since I was already married before, I dont think it matters. If your young, and its your first time getting hitched.. Maybe it would make you all feel more comfortable to have your parents blessing.

    The first time around for me, my husband was like a member of my family, so he didnt really have to ask, I guess. It was more like, expected.

    We're from the country.. And we like it that way
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    When I got married the first time, my family HATED my (ex) husband. Of course, now I look back and go, "No wonder!" LOL! It definitely put a strain on things, and every single holiday became an argument because he didn't want to go near my family (even though they were nice to him).

    Thankfully, my mother adores my DF this time around. She still has issues with him, because there are things she'd like to change...but over all, she loves him. It makes it a LOT easier on all of us (his family loves me too, thank God!).

    Now...would it make a difference to me if my mom didn't like my DF? To a certain extent...only because she has this way of making me miserable. However, if I truly loved a man and knew he was the wouldn't matter who was against it. I'd go with my heart. And it could be that your mom is just being cautious. It might not be that she doesn't like your DB...she just wants to make sure you're happy. If she really had issues with it, she probably would have mentioned it when you said he re-enlisted because you were planning on making a future together. Just go with your heart...because as long as you're really happy, your parents will be happy too.

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    i no longer speak to my mom & i've never been close to my dad. i'm hoping he never has to meet my mom. i do hope my paternal grandma approves tho. i'm hoping he gets to go back to MI with me & meet her over thanksgiving.
  5. kristyw94
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    It sounds like they are already seeing that you two are committed to each other. She wouldn't have asked if she didn't think you two were at that point. And she didn't blow up when you told her he was reenlisting so you two could have a future, so I think she may be preparing to hear it already. It probably won't go that bad for you.

    To answer your question, no what they think shouldn't matter that much. Unless they tell you they see things in him that they have seen before in abusers or something for your safety. Or if they are crazy like some parents and run a background check, lol. You get what I mean hopefully.
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    well you know that's my situation too. My dad loves DB but he thinks I'm too young to be thinking about marriage. I know it's important for your parents to approve but it really is between you and your SO. They will come around when they realize how happy you are. They're just concerned about you but once they see that being with him is what's best for you they will be happy.
  7. Jessi
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    uhm my dad is a big negative...he's the opinion that no one is good enough for his daughter and she should stay single her whole life

    unless your parents know something that you dont that he is a bad person overall...try to get them to give you a reason or some reasons why...they may see something that love blinded you to.

    In my case it's important that my parents are behind me, but they dont have to support me...get my drift. I love them and want them part of my life still but it is my life and i know who i love
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    It was important to me but it was even more important to my DH. He really wanted to make sure that my parents would approve of us getting married, which of course they did.

  9. Del
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    I would want my Daddy's approval. I am capable of doing things without it, but I very much dislike going against his wishes. It's just hard for me. DB is more important than that, but I'd have to have my Daddy at my wedding, so I would really want his approval. I couldn't just run off and elope and hope that he forgave me. Not even for DB.
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    You know, I never really cared about that before, but I am SO eager for DB to meet my Dad. I just KNOW they're going to get along so well, and after the DISASTER that my first marriage was, I can't wait to show Dad that I learned my lesson and that I found a REAL man this time.

    They're gonna be so cute I can just picture them sitting on the porch telling stories.
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