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Thread: Drifting

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    I've never had a DB be away from me for so long, and its harder than i thought it was going to be when i took the vow to wait for him half way across the world for 6 months and then another 6 months right after that. its been nearly only 2 months since hes been gone. I look at other men just for a peice of eye candy like any other women does, but I've been thinking about how much i miss a certain ex, or dates and things that i could get away with other men, like today in particuler was bad. I was just thinking about calling my ex up and tellin him how much i miss him. i'm getting frustrated with my self becuase i dont know how to cope with the thoughts i've been having, i'm going to stay loyal no matter what, but is it usually this frustrating?
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    It is always tough but it is up to you to shove those thoughts of your exes out of your mind if you really love your DB. It's hard because you're going through so many emotions that it can be difficult to figure them all out. Just try to stay strong and do something to distract yourself from calling your ex. If you need anything feel free to PM me!
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    I am very close to my ex, but my DH doesnt like him so I dont talk to him...I hope that when he leaves I wont get the urges to call my ex, but he will also be in Iraq

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