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Thread: Update to: the ex-girlfriend drama..

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    Cloud 9 Update to: the ex-girlfriend drama..

    To know the before story, go to:

    So I talked to db and OMG.... First off, he was being SO sweet to me today before I even talked to him about it... THEN I talk to him about the girl and he was being SO understanding and sweet and just... amazing...... He said she commented him, but he didn't comment back ((which IS true, I saw her page)) and that she knows where he stands and knows he is VERY taken and she isn't looking to steal him, nor would she succeed. I asked if he had loved her, he said at the time, he thought he did, but he never knew true love until me.... Ok, I know it was a "line" from a movie, but I don't care!!!! It was the sweetest thing ever

    He's being so super sweet. He did his first survey on myspace today and wrote all about me and amaaaazing.... He was telling me all the things we're doing when I get to Hawaii and just... I am SO happy right now......

    I just want to say to everyone that helped me through this... You are all SO amazing and I would be no where without this site. You all ROCK hehe

    I am a TOTAL believer that men go through a form of PMS every month ... DB totally does and it's always right after I do. This was his week.

    So again!!!!
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    See I told you talking to him would help. Girls are such b sometimes but it's the best feeling when your guy turns them down for you!

    Glad everything worked out!!

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